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iC41SheBledGlitter OGAH's blog: "Sh!tty"

created on 11/07/2007  |  http://fubar.com/sh-tty/b151295


Can i just say up front how NOT racist I am. Probably the ONLY white homeowner on the street that isnt racist. I was told by several neighbors how happy they were that I wasn't "one of them[hispanic people]", which slightly disturbed/disgusted me. Ive tried to be nice over the 4 years, even when I get woken up at 7 am to them sitting out front, blairing what sounds like circus music from their vehicles so loudy that my bed is vibrating, and my bed is at the back of the house. I try to be nice about the fact that even tho they have their BACK YARD PAVED AND A DRIVEWAY to park, they still park in front of my house[1 out of like 2 houses on the street without a driveway]. So last night one of them, probably drunkinly pulled forward out of their driveway and smashed into the side of my car. From infront of my passanger wheel, to the middle/back of my door[it was dark, ive still gotta go look more today]. They slid it over a foot sideways into the curb AND managed to get the back of my car up on top of my boyfriends car. Im not sure yet if my car is driveable because I dont know if the wheel is going to rub on anything, and id bet money i cant open my pasanger side door at all. Their fucking acura integra was so low i have a feeling it may have bent the frame considering below my door is bent inwards in a V shape. I heard the crunch[the ONLY way they could have hit me and been at the angle they were at was if they came from the driveway of the house across the street AND ive seen the car there before], saw them outside, they had PEOPLE outside chatting when it happened, who then were lik e"oh shit theres the owner". The Car backed out of mine and took off, and then one of the dudes on foot ran, another took off through backyards running, and the fat guy on foot walked quickly, claiming not to speak english and took off. If i hadnt of been barefoot [in freezing cold rain] i woudl have ran after them. then while im outside, i see the people in the house that the car left the driveway of, on the phone[of course with the guy who hit me] trying to figure out if i was calling the cops. Then the cops showed up, the guys inthe house played dumb "no no, no one was here tonight, its been quiet, we havent even had any quests" which is funny cuz ive never NOT seen guests there and is aw guests there EARLIER THAT EVENING CUZ MY DOG BARKS AT THEM ALL THE TIME. Im out of pot, i was trying to get a good trade in value for my car, im trying to sell my car. ive been neighborly and they can even come fucking clean because they are all FUCKING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. THERES OVER 15 PEOPLE LIVING IN THAT HOUSE AND THEY OWN THE ONE NEXT TO ME AS WELL WITH NOTHER 10-15 PEOPLE LIVING IN IT. They were probably fucking drunk, like stupid peices of shit.
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