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They say.. "Fubar! We Know Drama!" It's amazing how often so many people project on to others what is true about themselves. Some people are not appreciative of what others do to make their lives easier. It's disconcerting to sponsor a happy hour and provide blings to people, MOST of whom you don't know, only to have people get mad because you did not bling THEM. It's further disturbing the way in which some of the "gangs" upon Fubar operate. They shake down other members for bling by trying to make themselves seem more important than they are. One such group I have encountered is the Shadow Levelers. The impression I have gotten is that they are caught in a herd mentality and unable/scared to step out of the herd and speak their own beliefs. There are of course exceptions..but as a rule..their minds are closed. If you are a member of this group..PLEASE.. Block me! I DO NOT care for your group. I had mostly good times in all the happy hours I sponsored till this group showed up. I blocked your LEADER for a reason. I don't like demanding beggars with poor comprehension skills. I personally find this group to be overall...abusive, disrespectful, and unappreciative. They act as if they are owed something extra and are quick to demand it. When someone rejects them they lash out and try to use intimidation of their group to cow others. They do this with bulletins specifically targeting others encouraging their members to write people nasty letters. Then block the person they make the bulletin about..and complain in the comments they want to hear what the other person has to say.. Basically in the arena of ideas..they are unable to compete and argue their points. Let me also clarify a few things.. When someone posts that they are giving away RANDOM bling....this means...to random people..NOT EVERYONE and those that do get it..in no set frequency. If you don't like how I give away bling..Run your own happy hour and give away bling. I personally don't have the money to be able to afford to bling every single person that rates me...HELL...I doubt I could even catch them all in the bartab if I did. If you have never run a Happy Hour..for myself at least..its hard to even keep up with the friend requests and profile rating and fanning people much less thank EVERYONE.(Thanks to everyone by the way.) To the people that think someone rating someone else a 1 is just the end of the world..REALLY grow up. Come rate ME a 1..its still points. Oh thats right...I have auto 11s running which gives immunity...if a 1 bugs ya so much...BLOCK ME..or get auto 11s yourself. I mean say someone kills your buzz?(New Oracle Evil Power)..its natural..throw them a 1 and block em. If you think this is the a crime that would rank someone up there with Hitler, Stalin, or Pol Pot, it could be time to take a little break from the computer. If you feel the need...go ahead and block me..and rate ME a 1 on the way out the door. I won't notice for more than a second. If on the other hand you understand this is a game, if you understand what RANDOM means, if you are NOT one of the sheep, you are MORE than welcome to join me today and do some rates..earn yourself some good points. I very well will give a lot of blings away today. In fact...if I am not busy and am around when I go Oracle today...I will give away an Auto 11 to the person Rating me closest to turning Oracle and the First After according to my bar tab.(Must have me Fanned and be a Friend or have a friend request in to be eligible). Another thing..DON'T SB me asking if you won. Anyone that doesn't like me..get over it and move along..and let's all have some fun.If you are one of those people that don't think I give out blings don't take the time to rate me..just block me and move on..their are PLENTY of other auto 11s running. To all those that have gotten bling...come on back..rate some more..Let's have fun.
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