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CantSleepClownsWillEatMe's blog: "Broken"

created on 03/09/2009  |  http://fubar.com/broken/b282901

Merry Christmas to all my Fu-Family and Friends! Thank you for making this year special! Love Ya ALL!

Blizzard Warning For Spokane, Snow Across Washington State.The National Weather Service is warning of a blizzard Monday night east of the Columbia River in Washington, including Spokane. Heavy snow up to 6 inches in Spokane is expected until Tuesday morning, along with north winds of 20 to 25 mph and stronger gusts. Subzero temperatures are forecast and a wind chill in the minus 20s. The service says travel will be extremely dangerous.

I thought earlier that this surgery went well. I am in so much fucking pain I cant stand it. I think besides the two holes under the knee I think he punched a hole in the side to relieve pressure. I can not even get up on my own, I have had Ken help me with everything. I am so fucking thankful that he is here or I would probably end up in the emergency room. 

I am hurting, not really into being on the computer but I had to get up to try and eat some peaches just to have something in my stomach. 

Surgery went alright I suppose. I woke up when that damn anesthesia tube was down my throat :( While in the recovery room I know they pumped me full of something then dilaudid, then two pills. Finally it took the edge off a little....


I cant totally concentrate right now so I am gonna go lay down .

Still feeling really down today... one of those days when you just want to sleep, which is what I did this morning, I had set my alarm to get back up for class, but turned the damn thing off and slept right through it. I did get up in time to go get my mammogram,  but yuck.... Sucky thing is it was next to the hospital in the doctors building, I parked in the parking garage sure that I knew where to find the car. Needless to say, I got lost in the garage, after trying 3 different floors and being in tears I finally found the car.


To top it off, I was suppose to pick my sisters up at the airport at 3 and right before the mammogram, her boyfriend called and told me the plane is running 25 minutes late. UGH! The person whose car I am using gets off at 3:30 and is about a half hour or more from the airport. Her boyfriend had the gall to tell me he could get off but would lose out on money, where I have to MAKE the person letting me use their car wait in the cold for roughly 45 minutes after they get off. Blah to that.


I dont know why I am feeling so fucking down the past few days. Its really starting to get on my nerves...


I dont know why, but for some reason today I am feeling really down :( I dont know if it is the weather (cold and semi rainy) or if its because its Halloween and I wish my kids were young again and I could do things all over differently.


Thats it....

I get my other knee scoped next week... fun fun fun... I had the other one done at the end of July and the only thing it really helped with is the obnoxious painful grinding, now its bone on bone... hopefully it will help this other one from buckling up and locking....

Last night I was drinking watermelon pucker and red bull, for once the red bull actually had an effect on me, and I was awake till almost 4 and up before 8. Tonight we are suppose to go play spades at my sisters and drink along with jello shots. I am past the tired point where I can not take a nap. Any suggestions on waking up? Coffee didnt work and usually red bull has NO effect on me....

She is about 450k away from leveling and has a boomy on!  Please go throw some rates her way! Thank you ahead of time!




@ fubar

Man I did too much hoaring yesterday. I woke up feeling like I tied a good one on with alcohol and I didnt even drink :) Now today I wish I could take back all the *likes* I did yesterday because in reality 3/4 of them I dont like, it was just a way for me to keep track on who I have rated.


Second, I want to thank all that have had me in their families with famps going, that means alot to me even if I dont say anything.


Third, I am not sure who bought my VIP, I received it on my birthday with no message as to who purchased it, so I haven't been able to thank you properly and feel bad for that, so if by chance you did it, please send me a pm so I can thank you properly.


Third off I lubbers all of my friends and family. If I am on your page at least once a day, you know who you are...


thats all.... thanks for reading.

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