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JessicaJoy's blog: "Brain Candy"

created on 04/04/2008  |  http://fubar.com/brain-candy/b204496
I wrote this awhile ago, but thought I would put it into my blog! What is there to do when you waited so long for something to come, but when you have the chance, you don't want it anymore. It's like waiting in line for a ride at a park. You may wait for hours, but when you finally get there, you wonder, what could I have been doing instead of waiting for this one ride. I could have gone to see a magic show or rode another ride. Was this ride really worth waiting for?
I don't understand this. Come to think of it...I often don't understand a lot of this that goes on within my life... Here's the story. When someone is hurt and let down, is it up to the other person to make things up? Going alongme concept...or is it the person that is hurt to make things up? When all is said and done...and everything is better, is it truley better...should this one perosn hold a grudge against the other for hurting them? Yet, the ball is in both fields...in the situation I am speaking of, the person hurt the other...waited and tried to make things better...now, the other person is hurt and is trying to make things better? Are you following? The deal is, the someone doesn't know if this friendship is worth having...they have told the other person that they cared about them during THEIR time of pain...now that they tables have turned, the first person doesn't know what to do. Am I making any sence...?


Here is a question that I don't understand. Why must people not understand and why must people be ignorant? Ignorant can be defined as "uneducated in general." Ignorance is my biggest fear. I hate when people don't understand. I hate when people don't WANT to understand. I hate when people are ignorant. Tell me please, why is this? It breaks my heart when people are uneducated...in general. Thank you for your time, Jessica Joy<3
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