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carolina's blog: "bored"

created on 11/27/2006  |  http://fubar.com/bored/b28701
this week i was in jail, my boy toy was in jail as well, my house got broken into cause of stupid people who want to be haters they hate what i got and how i gat it and they thought that they would be big bad guys if they fucked up my house, stupid asses break into my house but dont steal anything, then as all smart b/e ers they wrote thier name on my fucken wall what kind of school are these people going to that they felt that they had to write their name at a scene of a crime. anyways just a bunch of nobodys wanting to be cowboys. now i find myself surrounded by gangsters ans guns just so i can feel safe. although i dont feel too safe around them cause they carry guns and like always even though u dont intend it to happen thier beef will no doubt become my own. i now have to go to stupid drug court which means i have to be sober for about 3 months that takes alot out of me, I LOOK FOWARD TO GETTIN SMASHED now i have to face reality clean this sucks. well for me its a big deal cause i really dont like reality too much. i spent the weekend in jail which sucks cuase its fucken too cold too top it off i had to go to the bathroom and i was soo afraid of touching the toliet that i pissed like i was out in the woods im sure those state troopers got themselves a bonner watching me pee considering that they took my jacket and left me with a string top with no sleaves, the cleaveage was good but the top was soooo wrong. now to top it off my mouth fucken hurts i donyt know if its a tooth growing in or what but it hurts so fucken much. since i am going to be sober for the next three months i ahve been enjoysing everything and just about anything just to get it out of my system. besides that things r ok . hopefully this week will go better then last i guess we will just have to wait and see. Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from www.sexiluv.com hmmm oh yeah i forgot my boy chris brought me a vinyl signed by jess margera from my fav band cky.... now i can add it to the 6 other vins that oi have signed awsome.... cky rules.... i just got a wet spot in my undies from this lady hope u do too. read About | FAQ | Terms | Privacy | Safety Tips | Contact MySpace | Promote! | Advertise | MySpace International ©2003-2006 MySpace.com. All Rights Reserved.


so fucking bored at work i run every now and then to masturbate but that dosesnt help
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