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ust Thought You Should Know

In case I haven't told you.
And it's way past time.
How glad I am to know you.
That you're in this life of mine.
Now don't start to crying.
When it's time to say goodbye.
You'll always be with me.
And in my heart always shine.
But I guess I should have told you.
That we're more like the wind.
The time we've been together.
Would have to come to an end.
The pain is too strong now.
And no matter how I try.
I'm afraid I can't live with,
the constant need just to cry.
It never was easy.
Not from beginning to the end.
But at least in the middle.
You were my dear friend.
When I get where I'm going.
I'll drop you a line.
And you'll know it's with great love.
In which it was signed.
So show me a smile now.
Before the sun has to rise.
Hurry give me squidge now.
Before the light shows my eyes.
It won't be so lonely.
As I feared it would be.
Cause over the rainbow.
You'll still be with me.
We've put it off too long now.
And hearts wait to mend.
Remember me always.
And our song will never end.



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