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SxYfKnBoo's blog: "Boo's Blah Blah"

created on 03/22/2010  |  http://fubar.com/boo-s-blah-blah/b330588

Just came back from Texas last week, visited some Family and Friends...So did not want to leave...Indiana weather sux azz & there seems to be more chances for employment there, than this G*d forsaken town!! Just saying :) Xoxoxo luv to all Cheri~o

Everyone is allowed to speak their mind...So just because Fubar says "3,920,318 members" don't mean this is not a tight nit group of people...everyone talks or knows someone who knows another...so for da dudez that think they can play it off that ur one women's man when ur not...HAAHAA...you'll get caught!!!  So if you think you got game...well da girlz know better babe! Peace Out!

Loving the sounds of spring, the sun shining and the weather getting warmer slowly...finally went fishing on Saturday...ahhhh it was a bit cool but did catch some...glad to be able to get outside finally!  Peace on peeps!!!

Just wanna thank everyone that has helped me along so far here on Fu...  This is actually my 3rd time with an account and love to level up and give Fu luv to all that I can!  More to come @ another posting time... Keep Fu Rock'n and Rate'n! 

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