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Teresa's blog: "Bombers Needed"

created on 08/23/2007  |
I need 12,500 comments...All help is appreciated

My Fu-Owner Spazzz is in a Happy Hour Giveaway! Please help him get 65k! Just click on the pic below! Please F/R/A the host! !Starry!

@ fubar
Only 2000 left and she needs it by tomorrow!! Let's hurry and finish it off for her....she's out of comments!!! :D
Help my friend Ann to level....she only needs 2400! Thank You!! ann l

@ fubar
Please help a friend of mine...she helped me in my giveaways/CONTEST and has helped many others in theirs! Go return the luv!!! THANK YOU!!!
Barbiie is behind and needs help. The contest is over at noon Sunday! Please help catch her up! She is behind 375
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