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Slippery When Wet's blog: "boat trip"

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part 1

It was loud and rhythmic..sounds emanating from the platform off the tiki hut bar and grill. Friday nights are live music and reggae island music was this week’s flavor. Rick and Steve sat at the bar watching the sun draw down across the water as the bar was adjacent to marina where their boat was moored. Rick had been drinking..the music soaking into his bones with Steve feeling it too. There was a small dance floor where there were some couples and several single woman dancing. Pina Coladas were half price so Rick and Steve were soaking them up. Then Rick noticed a woman calmly sipping a scotch and water alone across the bar from them. She eyed Rick as if he was her type..she got up..walked around and close up to Rick. She had on glossy black high topped boots, thigh high black nylons with the lace clearly visible above her boots. She also had on very short short jean shorts and a black leather jacket over her dark blouse. Rick noticed right away the necklace made into cuffs hanging around her neck."

She leaned into him and said, “I need you on the dance floor now. I’m Sherry and I’ll make it worth your time.” Rick was fuckin captivated and was easily lead across the floor. He had had just enough alcohol that his poor dancing didn’t matter not that anyone else cared either. She was obviously loaded too and it wasn’t clear who was keeping who together. Afterwards they rolled back to the bar. Steve said “you guys look good together” and further thought besides I like to watch. They both laughed at Steve’s stupid comments. They bantered some other inane gibberish for affect. It was then they realized that this party needed to take a new track cause the booze was causing hands to wander to convenient crevices. Rick looked at Steve and said, “What do you think? Shall we take Sherry on board?”. Sherry looked at them both wondering. Steve offered, “Well, we can put the autopilot on the nav system once we get her out of the harbor. She’ll be good to cruise for hours”. Sherry looked quizzically at them asking “How big a damn boat do you have?”. “ It’s a 45 foot Silverton yacht”, replied Steve. “We can have you back by first light in the morning..unless you like fishing and you want to stay on. You’ll have your own cabin with a shower”. It was obvious this excited Sherry..”Let’s go!”.

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