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Private Nurse DSC's blogs

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Things to Share (6)551,0366 years ago
Thank You All So Much (1)73796 years ago
Ass Of The Day Award (6)371,0776 years ago
Freaking BEST BUY...what a JOKE (1)63976 years ago
Hi ALL.... (1)123896 years ago
Sometimes Things Happen In Life (13)592,0257 years ago
Rants........ (1)84007 years ago
Middle School??? (1)94407 years ago
Sexy Azz Fubar People (1)115107 years ago
Random Ramblings.... (1)83267 years ago
Blonde Jokes - No Offense Meant Towards Blondes lol (1)132967 years ago
Welfare Recipient LMAO (1)132287 years ago
3 Little Pigs LOL (1)132847 years ago
The Fireman (1)112367 years ago
How The Phone Should Be Answered In America (2)92347 years ago
Man Of The House (1)61787 years ago
How Men Choose A Wife LOL (1)61837 years ago
Tick Removal (1)71967 years ago
Welfare (1)101747 years ago
Why Women Are Smarter Than Men..LOL (1)92257 years ago
Oh Hell Yeah......... (2)102787 years ago
What 50 Years Can Do (1)122597 years ago
Women In Midlife LMAO (1)141997 years ago
SEARS Supports Our Military Let's Support Them (1)121897 years ago
A Poem To Give You Goosebumps (1)82487 years ago
My New Name Is......... (1)142757 years ago
Top 10 Shoutbox Irritations (1)231977 years ago
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