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Funny thoughts (2)01,1284 years ago
Buggzy's Rants (13)
    02,2484 years ago
    From the Heart (8)22,4745 years ago
    Imaturity of others (16)
      02,3425 years ago
      Frustrated (40)
        23,5285 years ago
        People behind their monitors (2)
          06775 years ago
          Things that go bump in the night (1)
            07375 years ago
            Depression sucks (3)
              08625 years ago
              Men who need to get a life (11)
                11,4585 years ago
                My Family (6)01,3465 years ago
                Life (37)35,3395 years ago
                Some fu peeps are just ignorant (12)
                  01,0785 years ago
                  What the hell are you thinking? (2)
                    02495 years ago
                    Turn the tables back (1)
                      02676 years ago
                      True around is fare play or is it? (2)02956 years ago
                      Am I becomming a Prude (1)
                        04086 years ago
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