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mtbikers72's blog: "Blogger!!!"

created on 09/14/2006  |  http://fubar.com/blogger/b1064

OK.....  If I ask them something to bomb me or rate ur pics if no return for Help! I gonna REMOVE = friend or fan or fan.... 


Thank you have fun on fubar!!!

OK.... If u wants trade for sh*t face (pink stripe).... I wants some of Blings gift.... Ask me P.M. or Shoutbox! I will reset it and be honest to me!! I don't like they use me to do that!!

1 credits = 1 sh*tface

3 credits = 3 sh*tface

5 credits= 5 sh*tface

10 credits 10 sh*tface

Thank you

I still looking for jobs but no one wants me to work there because of I am deaf!!!! I guess I am tired of looking for a jobs!!! I am not lazy or playing around!!! If I get a jobs I would buying Happy Hours but I am stuck and can't get a jobs!!! I thinks people are so dumb and stupid ass!!!
I was asking a fewer of people... I asking them for Blings. Bu No one return to me! I wanted that fewer of Irish Blings! I have seen fewer of people just being selfish and I did sent a fewer Blings to them butthey don't return to me??? WHY??? I just thinking that they are SELFISH.... I ask them Bomb my folder or send me 1 or 2 Auto-11s Blings... But No One wants me to reaching last one level!!! Thank you for help me!
If U have an Auto-11s on ur acct!! I would likes to rating some of ur pics over 500 to 900 pics! Can ya give me a Blings gift like 1 to 10 credits! I am sure I glad to help u out!!! But I have seen fewer of people don't give me a Blings that I was rating their pics! If they don't give me! Then I won't able to rating their pics again!! If they give me a Blings might I will come back to ur pics doing more rating! Sound like fair? Thank you Mike
I am willing to buying one for Auto-11s for 1 million Fu-Bucks!! If no one buying it! Too Bad for them!!! OKiE Thank you Mike I needed a Help to LEVEL Me Up!! I had trying to get one but No one giving away a Bling Gift!!! I have seen alot of people got 50 to 2500 Blings!!! Oh Please I wanted one!!
->Green Eyes: ok bitchy cunt Green Eyes: I really don't care what you have to say ->Green Eyes: ur too new in fubar Green Eyes: Haven't been blocked yet ->Green Eyes: they will block ya and rate u bad Green Eyes: I rate em the way I see em ->Green Eyes: are u rate other people at 6?? Green Eyes: I could care less what you think of me ->Green Eyes: uh are dont care? Green Eyes: I know this and I could care less ->Green Eyes: NO! It is means DownRate!!! Green Eyes: It's all good ->Green Eyes: Green Eyes rated your photo a '6'! Green Eyes

@ fubar She gave me a rate at "6" on my Pics!!! Fuck her Up!!!
March 6 2008 Mike Watson *********** *********** Dear Michael, I would like to thank you for taking the time to interview for the position here at Mail America Communications. I enjoyed talking with you and appreciate your interest in our organization. The fact that you had an interview speaks well for your background. At this time, however, we feel that is not match. Again, thank you for interest. I wish you the best in career endeavors. Sincerely, Jerry Grishaw Department Manager What The FUCK That GUY saying to me about my interview for a job!! I have seen lot of posted in the Fucking Sunday Newspapers for often and I tried show them!!! That I can do it!!! FUCKING ALL HEARING PEOPLE IN THAT WORLD!!!! That's why I got depressed and not happy that I can't get a job???
I just being jealous over eveyone got Happy Hours or Blasts or Blings and something that I really wants to buying or shopping for our lives and can't afford everything!! But My Girlfriend help me out to pay my bills and my parents help me to py truck..... But I still looking for job for almost 1 to 2 years!!! I still trying to get the money for lives! We can't afford to going out to bar or club or dinner out!!! I guess this years are so bad for me!!! Can't wait for something makes me happy!!!! Thank you Mike!
OK Here's the scoop. I'm in a race to Disciple so I am willing buy your rates during Happy Hour. 100 11's I pay you 15,000 Fu-Bucks 50 11's I pay you 7,500 Fu-Bucks 100 10's I pay you 10,000 Fu-Bucks 50 10's I pay you 5,500 Fu-Bucks Stash over 2700 If u wanted to rate all I will pay ya 12,500 Fu-Bucks! mtbikers72

@ fubar I really needs all ur help to level me up Please!! If U have some Blings to give me then I'll owes u back when I getting money!! Thank you Mike
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