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MMAfighter...: damn ur hot
MMAfighter...: your welcome how r u today
MMAfighter...: oh wait ur a psycho republican nm
To MMAfighter...: lmfao....whatever loser
MMAfighter...: haha leave my country u confederate bitch

his link   http://www.fubar.com/8094131


Ok, so...this guy wants to go around to all my friends and say I'm a whore....  http://www.fubar.com/mabbott   Please just block him.  He isn't worth any more of your time than that.

This crazy old coot chose to send me credits.   I was pleasant to him and kind.  I even blinged him in return.  I told him I wasn't interested and he continued to send me credits.  His choice.  However, it was my choice to NOT do anything slutty in return, cuz as anyone that knows me or reads this knows, I am not like that.   Many have tried, and failed :p

This man would watch my page and my friends pages and see when I left comments and then get in my shout box and say gross perverted werid things to me like.... I am sorry I'm not hung well enough as your other friends that you leave comments for daily...I was like...ewww..wtf are you talking about you are weird and strange...not to mention..a complete stalker...


I blocked him.  

Apparently, he didn't like that.   So, now he is bothering all my friends and telling them I am a whore, etc.  Sorry dude....but, the problem you have is that I am NOT a whore....


Have a good day everyone.   


Canadian Stoner

@ fubar He/She/It is completely rude and you will do yourself a favor to block them and keep them from coming to your page. We dealt with them before and they stole some pics from hubby and made some inappropriate morphs of his pic with pics that weren't him. They got deleted. Now they are back and started rated my pics 3's and I was able to block him. If you notice, they just recreated their account in May. People like this just completely ruin the fun of being on here.
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