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If I were financially able, I would cover all of my friend's pages with flashy treasure chests and shiny fu-jewels and give those that have my heart (= if I have told you I love you, I have meant it) an extravagant Fu-Pony. I = have purchased and given bling in the past for several reasons, to brighten= someone's day, to give them enough points to level, as a thank you for rat= ing or creating pictures, or to give myself points (I am happy to readily admit to my point whoring ways). Recently I have experienced the toxic effects that bling can have on relationships, and how disrespectful I have been when I blinged someone's significant other when they could not, and I have shame for those actions. I can not take them back and I have come to the conclusion that bling can have the negative side effect of jealousy, sadness, and eventual destruction of love. It has also been toxic to my own psyche as I want it returned when I give it, and this causes me much shame. I do not think a gift I give in my real life needs to be returned in equal measure, and this should be the case, for me alone, on fubar. I have a delicate grasp on what is considered good manners (I am guilty of passing gas in elevators) but I have always hoped that I did not approach my personal affairs with malicious intent, as might have been the case on fubar with my blinging someone. I suppose that my point to this ranting blog is that when you receive a bling from me (a dollar, three or five) know that I have given it to you as a thank you, because I love you, and if it has caused pain to someone that you love, please tell me and I will respectfully step aside. And remember, with me, you need never return the favor, unless it is an NSFW salute (I am serious I am starting a collection). *hugs and tooots*
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