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I wasn't on cherry tap for almost 6 months and all the sudden someone has to start shit on here and GOD FORBID Im sticking up for my sister..So everyone wants to start all this shit on here like the mumms especially. I haven't really ever written a mumm until someone else does and doesn't put THE WHOLE TRUTH in it. I go on here and state the facts of which they should be made. You know I have been getting a lot of headaches from this person and yes I should probably just stop this and delete my account but im not like that. Im not a quiter and I will fight and stick behind my sister 100% until all this shit dies. Yes everyone is talking her and all the BS but really who is suffering from all of this?? THE KIDS!!! So they don't want to talk on the phone sometimes...OMG who cares. They are kids the last thing sometimes they want to do is talk on the phone. You can't hold it against them. Yes you have a new wife and stepkids with her thats great..congrats to that but guess what you have other children that need you also and they are your #1 responsibility then anything else. So your not getting along with her ex wife well that comes with divorces people. You still can't hold it against your kids for that reason at all. Thats part of everyone's problem with divorces these days and then the kids turn and think its there fault. That should never be the case. I have tried and tried to get along with everytone but its just hard to deal with liars. All I can say if you write a mumm or a blog put the whole truth in it and then maybe it will make more sence..or if you don't still want the whole world to know about your problems why don't you start writing emails to one another so only you know and only you...oh and stop copying and pasting the emails from the ex wife bec that just shows how scared you really are..NEW WIFE~ YOU ARE SCARED AND HELPLESS BEC OTHERWISE ALL THIS BULLSHIT WOULDN'T OF STARTED THAT YOU DID START SO WHY DON'T YOU CALL IT A DAY AND STOP ALL OF THE BULLSHIT BEFORE IT GETS ANY WORSE!! THanks and everyone have a great day!!!!
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