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Luna Lovegodess's blog: "blackness"

created on 04/07/2008  |  http://fubar.com/blackness/b205275
Blackness Blackness all around No point in looking down I jumped without a thought I figured I’d get caught The truth remained to be seen It turned out to be the same old thing How could I be so dumb? I think I’m the only one The lies were easy to believe I blame myself for everything I took it at it’s word Fucking thing was absurd That this time it would work That for once it wouldn’t be me getting hurt I discovered the lot When my heart turned to rot So next time I choose to leap I’m going to rest assure I land on my feet I’ll be the one in control I won’t ever let him know This heart will be closed down I will from this point on Always look down
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13 years ago
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