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whumanbard's blog: "Bard's FuBlog"

created on 08/12/2012  |  http://fubar.com/bard-s-fublog/b349715


thank you for that souvenir
to remind me
you may never reappear

my wish after many years
out of a dream
it proves you were here

i look at it daily for luck
a talisman
since i cant see your face

a memory of what it was like
long ago
your black lace

the first time we met
we couldnt last
we admit lasting regret

you moved on to commit
me no bliss
in my heart, you are the best

sporadic conversation
bits and pieces
you said he could not replace

living a lie, love always mine
so you left
your black lace

wanting to be free, with me
how to do it
lost on you, feeling incomplete

crying, fighting, no peace
that night you came
a moment of relief

now i hold it and breathe close
your essence
mind wandering to that place

hoping for a final return to me
in exchange
your black lace            

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