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This is Kaleb. He is suffering now from shaken baby syndrome caused by his babysitter a few weeks ago. Please keep him in your prayers. He has been going through so much. Precious little thing, he did not deserve this. I hope that God will see to taking care of the person that did this. Just absolutely horrible, evil thing that that person did. Pray for a complete recovery for little Kaleb and that his parents stay strong through this. Kaleb needs a miracle. this is kaleb before this horrible and traumatic thing happened to him. although you cant tell that much he is blind. I have the family's contact information if anyone wants to message them support letters please contact me and I will give you the information. This family needs everyone to be as supportive as can be through this tragic time.
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Whats that you say MISTRESS BETHIE?!??!?!? Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket You are looking for naughty boys and girls to punish?!!?!?!? Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket If We vote for yo uin the Betti Page look~a~like contesr we will get what wedeserve!! Where do We sighn up????

WOW!!! You really do look like Bettie MISTRESS BETHIE!!! WE"RE NOT WORTHY!!!!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Brought to yo uby the letter "P", the number "26" and MISS REDNECK!!!! redneck7705*PLEASE FAN ME BEFORE YOU ADD ME!!!!!!!!*

@ CherryTAP
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@ CherryTAP thanks sweetie!!! 1 step closer!!! @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ this is what he responded too btw :P
Hay YA'LL.... I really need your help!!!! I am in a contest ,.. Who is the Coolest, Hottest TOP woman on CherryTap?!!! And guess what,.. its actually a fair contest!! no way for anyone to cheat!!!! Thats right.. after a year on Tap.,, i might actually be able to win a friggin contest!! LOL But i need your votes to do so!!! Thats right.. just one vote... no comments bombs!!! If you could go to this link.... and log in.. then vote for me... by looking for the link to contests at the end of a post at the bottom of a page (in orange).!!! and here is a link to the actaual contest once you register!!! if you have problems finding the contest ;),3230.0.html Others in the contest are promising NFSW pics and gifts ect...for votes.. I will not do that..for one.. if you are a friend.. you already have full acess to my nsfw.. and gifts are fine and all.. but they dont really do much for you!!!! I will be keeping a list via my blog of everyone who votes for me!!! And you must send me a message via ct mail so i know you have voted!! then will be doing a pimp of "THE BEST FRIENDS ON CHERRY TAP!! How long it lasts and how may pimps i will post depends on how many responses i receive. But i guarente everyon who messages me wil be included!!! As of today... I have 9,200+ fans , and over 8,500 friends. And that means around 14,ooo Tappers will be notified via my pimp on what great people you are!! YOU SCRATCH MY BACK, & I'LL SCRATCH YOURS!!!!! Huggles,Lucinda redneck7705*PLEASE FAN ME BEFORE YOU ADD ME!!!!!!!!*

@ CherryTAP
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Malissa my bestest siter eva!!! style_420_hearts

@ CherryTAP beinf lazylol and my homegirl Bethie!!! whoot whoot! ~Bethie~ WIFE TO TIFFERZ-enchantress of the dark realm

@ CherryTAP

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