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hello and welcome to my nightmare. lets see i quess i will start at the beginning. my bro started using herion in 1993. and ever since then it has been hell with him. but now it is at the peak of annoyance. i have custody of his 3 kids cus he cant man up. and its everyones fault but his and is wife. i have to the 3 yrs age also cus of drugs use.i have them this time cus of unsupervivion and poor livin conditions.its a shame that someone cant get their act together for their kids. he has threaten to kill me and has called me a child molester in public places and tried to get me locked up on federal charges of tax fuard. what a joke. i live in baltimore and the court system for the kids in baltimore want to give kids back to their parents,no matter how many times they fall down. so you see why at times im on edge. so the question is do you feel the system is broke and can not be repaired????? i will keep pushing on and taking everythiing one day at a time with the lord in my corner.

hello my family and friends. it has been a tough year and here i am at the end of this year. im sorry i have not been on as mach i use to but real life has taken over most of my life. may you all have the best of holidays. remember pls love one another. hug and tell your family that you love them. help others. be thankful. and pls be careful out there cus i want to hear from you all in 2013. keep it real and honest show kindness and respect.without love and someone to shear it with we nothing but enpty shells. live laugh love rock on. true friends are forever.

live and let live real honest kindness respect trust

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