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Because Of You.....
I don't know if you realize the huge impact that you have made. You've entered my crazy life and you stayed. I just needed to share with you some of what it is that you do. Some of the so many reasons of why I'm so in love with you....... Because of you..... I start each day with a smile as big as one could ever be Instead of hopeless tears blinding me from what I should see. Because of you..... I feel like there is hope for happiness after all Instead of unbelievable sadness that would make anyone fall Because of you..... I feel safe for maybe today I won't hurt Instead of living in constant fear with a worth that's less then dirt Because of you..... I feel like I'm wanted and maybe even desired from the heart Instead of lusted for and degraded right from the start Because of you..... I'm excited to see what tomorrow brings Instead of dreading morning for I know how it stings Because of you..... I feel alive wanting to just move forward and strive Instead of feeling dead inside preparing for another nose dive Because of you..... I feel like I matter, like maybe I do have a place here after all Instead of knowing I'm worthless unable to stand tall Because of you..... I feel like someone out there truly loves me after all For the first time I am really safe to fall. It's all because of you..... Thank you for taking the time to look passed the huge mess that I was an still sort of am. To see who I even forgot I was and the person that still can. Thank you for caring enough to want to know all of me. Thank you for bringing happiness back into a life that never thought it would be. I love you more than words could say. Thank you for sharing with me one more day..... Deadicated to the one I love..... By: Mizz Shady aka Mizz Punk
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