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 This morning I got to see my nurse Beth, (from when I was in the hospital) get the Daisy Award (I nominated her for it). I'm so happy she won it because she deserved to win this award. She was by far the best nurse I could have had, and went above and beyond her job in my opinion. This award is a big deal in the nursing world and it's an international recognized award. I believe I was told only 4000 people to date have won the award, when millions are nominated (but I could be wrong). She had no clue she was winning the award, she was on shock and extremely happy. She thanked me a bunch of times, but she's the one who did all the work being an awesome nurse all I did was nominate her and write a letter telling them about my situation and how she really helped me through it all etc. Thank you mainland Medical Center for letting be involved
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