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Chef Jay's blog: "Poetry"

created on 02/08/2007  |  http://fubar.com/poetry/b53487
There are shadows beneath our souls, Cast out against the cold ground, Singing songs and words without a voice, Of something lost that can never be found, Our blackened eyes are staring wordlessly, Deep into the future shown in the well, Seeing not the struggle and the climb we went through, Only taking in the stumble before we all fell, Our ears are blocked so no sound is ever heard, Apathetically deaf to those in the gutter, Caring not for the broken porcelain bodies, That were discarded like meaningless clutter, Our senses dulled down equidistant from zero, Nothing to love and nothing to hold, Nothing but the tatters of a stranger’s dream, That has withered and now gone cold, Blood stained hands shake amidst our fear, Carving out our nightmares in our skin, Shredding away at our ungodly carcass, Trying to bathe away our stains in sin, Dirty feet tread the road we were told to take, Dancing over broken glass and metal scraps, The dust of our ventures gathering at our ankles, Turning our veins into dead end street maps, Our faces marred with pictures of grief, Desperation shining from our dying eyes, Drinking in scents that we know will kill us, While our chapped lips form even more lies, Our minds are now weakened by the drone of the media, To be strengthened again by the words of Kafka, Poe and Blake, We force ourselves to believe that things will get better soon, Depending on the coma inducing drugs that we take, Our hearts beat inside our unworthy skin, Still rotten down to our blurry core, Our demons are slaying us in our sleep with our own swords, And our hearts beat until they can beat no more.
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