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created on 02/19/2008  |
1. BE HONEST (and blunt) FROM THE DOOR. Let her know if you have a girl, if you have 2 girls, if you have a baby's mama, if you just want sex, if you are looking for a wife, etc....don't build up false hopes i.e. lead her on. Let her know what the deal is, if she's not looking for that right now, she'll keep it moving. Don't be an Oscar Winner like Denzel for 3 months and get mad when she finds out all your dirt later....they will find out! Time always reveals the truth. And when the truth comes out then you got drama and who wants that? 2. TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT, INSTEAD OF ASKING FOR HER NUMBER, ASK HER FOR HER EMAIL ADDRESS ...That way, you can learn about her, dialogue with her, while building up the anticipation for the first phone call and/ or meeting in person. If your written skills are tight, she'll be anxiously waiting to talk to you and dead the email shyt real quick. Or if she starts talking crazy, can't spell, or if half the yard, the block, or the city has cracked it, you never have to call her. 3. IF YOU DO GET THE NUMBER, CALL THE SAME DAY OR THE NEXT DAY AT THE LATEST Maintain your normal schedule, work, class, gym, calling your current girlfriend(s), or hanging with your boys. But cut out all the childish I'm waiting 2-3 days to call. Show you are man of precision, waiting to call does not show precision it shows an agenda and that you are either hiding something or just trying to play her along. What does reek of desperation is calling 4 or 5x a week. If you come off as desperate, she'll think, Something must be wrong with this guy, he looks that good and doesn't have a girl? "Or, "Am I the only female checking for this dude? Let me google his butt..." If you are precise you have said enough in one or two conversations and she will look forward to you calling, that she won't want to wait for you call she will call you. By the way there are only two types of men precise & imprecise. 4. LIMIT THE SLANG. Don't be fooled by that Destiny Child's song. You just met her, easy on the "ma" and "boo" and "what's really good" and "what it do" or whatever you guys say these days. The real quality ladies over 25 are not trying to hear all that. And have a broad knowledge of things besides rap music(i.e. Jay-Z & Beyonce; Keishya Cole)Read books keyword books (the Bible is always good start) not magazines there is no food for thought in magazines, nothing life changing. You know going to College and learning is a plus not a minus; and knowing GOD is a strength not a weakness or a flaw that you should try to hide. A woman wants to meet a man that will change her life, the only way for change is through the heart and mind. Conversation about music and fashion won't help that, What attracts a woman more than anything is a man with strength, intellect, humor & looks. If you subtract strength & intellect she will eventually grow tired of you and say she can do bad by herself because sometimes humor isn't all that funny and looks can be deceiving or even lost. 5. THE FIRST DATE SHOULD NOT BE SPENT ON THE COUCH WATCHING TV. "Yo ma, I'm feeling you, when can I can come through!" 6. NEVER ASK TO KISS HER OR TOUCH HER. If you have to ask, it's not time. Her body language should tell you when it's a go, make your move only when you are 100% sure it's a go. And don't take too long to make a move, or she'll think you are gay or that you find her unattractive. Give her the opportunity to push you away sometimes and say, "Not yet, I don't know you..." Being pursued is fun. Let them tell their little friends, "Girl he thought it was going down last night, I quickly stopped that." 7. LEAVE RED LOBSTER, SIZZLER, PIZZA HUT, JACK IN THE BOX, etc. ALONE. Women love to eat, but research Zagat and find a top rated Italian, Japanese, Thai, Greek or some other mom and pop type restaurant to take her to. Her man already took her to those spots you want to come off as someone a little bit unique. 8. YOUR SMELL GAME MUST BE UP. I repeat, YOUR SMELL GAME MUST BE UP!!! Women LOVE to tell their friends how a guy they just met smells good. Be that guy, yeah him. Make sure when you see her in person that you smell good. But leave that apple body wash from bath and body for the ladies though, you don't want to smell feminine. Just be clean. 9. NEVER ASK, "HOW WAS IT?" AFTERWARD. That shows lack of confidence. You know how you were. If you were not up to par, she'll let you know by either not returning your calls anymore, or she'll give you a second chance because she likes you and tell you what she likes so that the next time you handle your business. 10. NEVER TRY TO HOLLA AT HER GIRL. Girls are territorial, they get jealous and they envy one anothers man, job, prospects, clothes, looks, etc. Few things deal a more crushing blow than her finding out you slept with her so called "friend". I know you want to, I know the friend is hot, I know she is giving you the eye, but if you must be bad, go screw her enemy. ..>..>..>
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