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Dear Basement and Closet Dwellers!

Here are the rules....

1.Food and Alcohol will be supplied.

2. Ganga is provided please see Seamus for this

3. Witty will be handing out Pillows

4. Witty was the first stalker shes in charge

5. Seamus is second

6. Please if they hurt  you in any way you may now see Kit for any injuries, she has alot of pills.

7. Ketch22 has little umbrellas for the drinks and is the official bed jumper

8. Drill will be providing free sex to all the ladies... please refrain from over using his butt... thank you

9. If you get angry because you have been couped up to long take it out on the BIRD (Name)

10. Hugh will be the resident petting zoo owner.. feel free to go pet Bruno, Leo or his furry cat...

11. SDSU Aztec... my resident pirate.....watch out for the monkey it tends to piss on you

11. Once again shes back the name changing crazy sister of mine.. shes off limits touch her and you will pay..love you Witchie


Thank you for coming to the basement.. I will have you know theres no way out...


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