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Lonely Heart's blog: "Rantings"

created on 03/18/2008  |  http://fubar.com/rantings/b199187
trustme2te...: remeber me hun ->trustme2te...: yeah trustme2te...: thought u said i coudl see the hidden pics now? ->trustme2te...: i re-blocked them for most people... too many weird requests and disrespect trustme2te...: i never got to see them ->trustme2te...: sorry trustme2te...: thanks whatever trustme2te...: i just love people that say one thing and do another ->trustme2te...: don't catagorize me, if people weren't so nasty I wouldn't have my photo's private trustme2te...: u can let me in for a mintue u did say i coudl see them ->trustme2te...: Ok here's one, just for shits and giggles since you are being so harsh on me... why should you see my private folders when you don't even have a pic of yourself up? trustme2te...: i told u i could share on yahoo ->trustme2te...: and why not here? trustme2te...: not here for the points but i see u say somethign and u cant fololwo thourgh ->trustme2te...: you know, i'm not usually like this but fuck off, I don't like your attitude and imidiate degridation of me because you didn't get what you wanted when you wanted it . trustme2te...: u siad it over a week ago trustme2te...: thats b.s. what would u call it if i treated u that way ->trustme2te...: i opened it over a week ago ->trustme2te...: I would call it the internet trustme2te...: called bullshit what do u not keep your word in the real life eiether trustme2te...: go ahead blcok me since u are a liar trustme2te...: shows what type of person u are in real life u cant keep yoru wor dnwo and u dont in real life ->trustme2te...: congradulations to be the first and only member I have ever blocked! Wow! what I would call really childish and throwing a temper tantrum, all cause he missed out on when my private folders were open. He doesn't even have any pictures of himself up just one main photo of some scenery. His full fubar name is : trustme2teaseu Have fun with him!
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