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I'm done w Relentless and anything to do with it. I still love plenty of the people there, but don't expect me to associate w anyone involved in the bullshit that happened. If you knew what happened, and went along w it, delete me. If you were involved in the decision making process, delete me. I'm tired of fake ass people. Read it and make no mistake: real friends don't sit through shit like this. Interpret it how you please. Kuntbunny: is there a reason i went to bed and everything was great and i wake up and i'm banned? because according to the rumor mill i was banned because that was the only way skyler and ana would agree to come back Dj Mizz B Haven: IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ANA ACTUALLY. AND YES. ME AND 3 OTHER MANAGEMENT PERSONS DISCUSSE THE SITUATION, AND BASED ON ALL THE EVENTS HAPPENING, A DECICION WAS MADE. THERE IS NO WAY WE CAN HAVE BOTH OF YOU IN THERE.... IT WILL NOT WORK. THE DECISION WAS UNANIMOUS TO BRING BACK SKY, AND YES, THAT WAS A CONDIDITION OF HIM RETURNING, AND I FULLY UNDERSTAND THAT IT WOULD HAVE TO BE ONE OF U GONE. NOW. WHAT HELPED IN HIS DEFENSE IS THAT U WERE PARKED IN BACKSTAGE LAST NGIHT ALL NIGHT. KB.... IF NOTING ELSE... I KNOW U HAVE BEEN RESPECTFUL IN THE LOUNGE, BUT WE BOTH KNOW U DID IT TO GET UNDER HIS SKIN. THINGS LIKE THAT WOULD CONTINUE, AND... FRANKLY... IM NOT HAVIN IT. I DID NOT MAKE A RASH DECISION, AS I SAID.. IT WAS VOTED ON... 4-0 ON BANNING U AND BRINGING SKY IN. Kuntbunny: i went in there because several of my friends are staff there. i said nothing to him. HE decided to start the drama in there and HE came into the lounge the other day to start bullshit Kuntbunny: and everyone decided to keep skyler? the person that bashed the lounge AND YOU when he left and start a bunch of bullshit? what kind of "family" is that? Dj Mizz B Haven: KB... YOU KNOW THAT YOU AND HIM DONT GET ALONG.. AND THAT IT WOULD CAUSE PROBS... HE WENT TO BACKSTAGE WHEN HE WAS GONE FROM HERE. U WENT TO THE ONLY PLACE HE WAS AT. NO MATTER IF FRIENDS OR NOT... Dj Mizz B Haven: #2 Kuntbunny: he came to 4 different lounges i went to. i went in there after checking w the owner that i was okay because i kept getting invited in Dj Mizz B Haven: YOU DONT KNOW ALL THE BEHIND THE SCENES ABOUT SKYER.... Kuntbunny: i didnt say a single word to him the whole time i was there Kuntbunny: what kind of "behind the scenes" excuses this? Dj Mizz B Haven: BUT THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I AM DONE WITH IT... Dj Mizz B Haven: YOU 2 OBVIOUSLY CAN'T BE IN THE SAME ROOM TOGETHER... Kuntbunny: so instead everyone chooses the person that cant act civil. i dont fuck w him unless he pushes my buttons. he fucks w EVERYONE Dj Mizz B Haven: YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAS HAPPENED *PERSONALLY* BETWEEN ME AND HIM.... AS FAR AS ME AND HIM GO... WE HAVE TLAKED ON PHONE AND YIM THE ENTIRE TIME.. NOT ALWAYS GOOD.. BUT .. ANYHOW... THAT IS NEITHER HERE NOR THERE... Kuntbunny: so because there's a personal history of whatever kind, he gets his way even though he's in the wrong? Dj Mizz B Haven: AND.. IT WAS NOT EVERYON... IT WAS 4 OF THE MANAGEMENT STAFF THAT WERE ON. Dj Mizz B Haven: NO.... Kuntbunny: i at least deserve to know who the 4 are that stabbed me in the back Dj Mizz B Haven: HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PERSONAL. THAT IS WHY FOUR!!!!!! PEOPLE SAID THE SAME THING! Dj Mizz B Haven: NO. Dj Mizz B Haven: THAT IS NOT SOMETHIGN U NEED TO KNWO. Kuntbunny: LMFAO why is that not something i need to know? obviously i'm involved Dj Mizz B Haven: BECAUSE I SAID SO. I DONT NEED YOU GOING AND MAKING IT HARD ON THEM FOR DOING A JOB. THEY WERE ASKED.. AND THEY WERE TOLD TO BEGIN WITH THAT I WOULD NOT GIVE OUT THEIR NAME. Dj Mizz B Haven: THEY WERE PRESENTED WITH THE OPTIONS... AND THEY MADE A CHOICE AND ALL AGREED. Kuntbunny: glad to know people have to hide to betray me. that's awesome. like i said.... some "family" Dj Mizz B Haven: SEPERATLY Dj Mizz B Haven: NO MEETING.. WAS ONE ON ONE.. AND NONE KNEW THE OTHERS DECISION. Kuntbunny: it's bullshit and you know it. you pulled my mods because you didnt want there to be trouble. you say there and told me that if he came back, which was a "possibility", that i had to continue to behave, but when he comes back, you ban me because HE SAYS SO? Kuntbunny: sat* Dj Mizz B Haven: NO I DID NOT BANN U CUZ HE SAID SO. Dj Mizz B Haven: FOUR PEOPLE WEIGHED THE OPTIONS... A CONDITION *IF* WE BROUGHT HIM BACK WAS THAT U WERE TO BE BANNED. .... ALL WHO MADE THE DECISION FELT THAT IF BOTH OF U WERE JUST GUESTS IN RR... THAT IT WOULOD STILL CONTINUE ANYHOW.. AND... PFFT.. TRY TO DENY THAT... YEAH... U KNOW IT AS WELL AS I DO... EVERY TIME I TURN AROUND U TOO WOULD BE AT IT. KB... IT IS TIME TO MOVE ON. Kuntbunny: no that was just what started the decision-making process Kuntbunny: i have no problem moving on, i just want answers. i dont want to be a part of anything that fucked up and twisted. so many people talk shit about how you dont run relentless, skyler does, and everyone knows it's true. just no one is willing to say it TO you because people dont want to see you get hurt Kuntbunny: everyone actually cares about you but a lot of people pretend to tolerate him for your sake Dj Mizz B Haven: NO ONE BUT ME HAVE EVERRRRRRRR RUN RELENLTES... MAKE NO MISTAKES KB.... WHEN HE WAS GONE.. AFTER I BANNED HIM.... RELENLTESS STILL WENT ON.. .CUZ OF ME! PEOPLE STAYED.. AND PEOPLE CAME BACK THAT LEFT... ..... SKYLER... HE IS WHAT HE IS.... EVERYONE KNOWS.. YES.. SOME PEOPLE DONT LIKE... BUT THER ARE PEOPLE THAT DONT LIKE U EITHER... WE CAN'T ALL PLEASE THEM ALL..... AND YOU KNOW WHAT... PEOPLE MAY TOLERATE HIM... FOR MY SAKE... I THINK THAT SHOWS U WHO REALLY RUNS THIS SHOW. IF THEY DID NOT LIKE ME OR RESPECT ME.. THEN GUESS WHAT... THEY WOULD BE GONE. I AM NOT EVEN *TOOTING* MY OWN HORN.. OR CALLINGA POWER TRIP HERE... BUT U HAVE SOME NERVE. MIGHT I REMIND U THAT U HAVE COME BACK TO THIS TWISTED AND FUCKED UP LOUNGE HOW MANY TIMES? I REFUSE TO LET U GET OT ME... LIKE YOU DO TO SO MANY Dj Mizz B Haven: I AM DONE ITH THIS CONVO.. AND... FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER... I WILL PROBABLY DELTE U OFF MY YAHOO. Kuntbunny: and how many times did i leave because of him? i come back for meli. if there is anyone in that lounge i love more than anyone it's her. yeah, it's twisted and fucked up. and everyone knows it. anyone that pretends it isn't is full of shit, but make no mistake, i haven't been the one to play the "he runs relentless" card. that was other people's words. but enjoy the lounge. the people that came back will probably leave *shrugs* Kuntbunny: feel free to delete me. i'm done kissing asses Dueces. KB over and out
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