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I'm praying for snow as I'll be going to Heavenly in Tahoe next week! Time to go snowboarding.
This past weekend, I went to NY to watch the Stones play for Clinton's B-day. It was pretty cool as Christina Aguilera showed up to sing as well as Jack White. They played some good shit.
In order to announce self-help month, I am taking weekly guitar and golf lessons. Wish me luck as my guitar lesson is at 12:30. B
Rams couldn't hold on to win in saint louis. they let the seahawks drive in the last 60 seconds to win... boo...
i'm learning the following new songs on the guitar: rocket man -- elton john under the bridge -- red hot chili peppers volare -- gipsy kings when september ends -- green day maggie mae -- rod stewart i miss u -- blink 182
they got killed by the 49ers. you can see pics from the game in my photos.
I am going to the 49ers first home game versus the Rams on Sunday. This should be awesome!!! Go RAMS!!!
I'm thinking about going camping to Big Basin Forest this weekend. I hope I don't get eaten by bears. Harley will hopefully protect me.
I find myself wishing that summer wasn't over. I'm up in the Bay Area and it gets cold. At least I have snowboarding to look forward to.
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