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Want to make a girl feel like shit?  All the guys I know have figured out how to do it, all they do is insist on telling me how hot my best friend is and how they would like to get w/ her.  Hi remember me I'm the fat ugly friend apparently.  talk about a good way to ruin a girls ego.  I mean come on is it really necessary for everyone to tell me how hot she is and i'm not?  Why do i want to know that everyone is attracted to her and not me Guess i'm just feelin sorry for myself cause yeah it gets really really old.  

A month or more ago I recieved a call that my quiet town had a hostage situation.  Well it turned out it wasn't, but that a close friend of my brothers and my best friends older brother was in a stand off with police after shooting his wife and the man he caught her sleeping with.  Not a smart move when you know your husband is bipolar and you've convinced him to stop taking his medication.  Everyone survived but the blow to the town was devastating.  This sleepy little town where the most excitement one saw in a year was the state demolition derby held every labor day.  

This weekend a 14 year old girl who was a sister in law of one of my classmates went missing when her mother let her leave the house at 9pm to go to a party with a 19yr old boy. Now a body has been found raped and burned and we're waiting for identification.  

What is coming to america if a small town in kansas is suddenly wracked with this kind of violence?  How can anyone justify this kind of thing?  It almost makes me scared to take my children home to see their grandparents knowing that in less than 2 months 2 people have been shot and another murdered.  

I've always cherished my home town because it was somewhere i could go that was quiet, where I didn't have to worry about violence beyond the occasional drunken brawl outside of the pub.  It leaves me shocked and sick to my stomach.

I'm praying for the friends and family of Alicia and Shawn, but I wish there was more I could do.

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