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sh*t faced!
Female 43
Tampa, FL
 When * People * Actually Take The Time To Look At You And Listen To You When You Speak From The * Depths * Of Your Heart An Soul That Is Such An ** EPIC ** Thing There Are Many Beautiful Amazing Things That Hide Deep Within Their Existence An When It Is Shared It Is Such A Wonderful Blessing In Disguise More Then Ever Known It Is Something That Will Deeply Touch Your Life Forever !!! I Know That I Always Use All Of My Heart && Soul In Everything That I Do For I Know That Tomorrow Is Never Promised To Us So Always Tell The Ones You Love Just How Much You Really Care Because You May Loss That Chance At Any Given Moment && It Is A Thing That You Will Regret !!!!!! Always Keep On Keeping It Real && Always Be Kind My Beautiful Fu FuGGers XoXo ♥
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