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This is a blog about my littlest girl Lorelai “Lora-lie’. She is three years old, born on February 14, LOVE DAY as she calls it. She is a beautiful, colorful; she has such determination for such a young girl, and she is very organized for a little person she must stick to a schedule and we or someone goes off of it….she just can’t handle it. She loves horses, cats, and dogs.  Anyone who has met her will never forget her she just has that type of personality that people don’t forget her! She is so out going, thoughtful of others, she is blonde haired, blue eyes, and the cutest smile you have ever seen.


In November 21, 2011 she was at her grandmothers’ house while her daddy and I were at work. When I went to pick her and her sister up her Nan told me she had not felt good all day. She didn’t get sick just high fever and acted tired all the time. They didn’t have thermometer. So I went to get to one from wal-mart. Came back and checked her temp. And she is running a 102.5F. So we gave her some meds, and Nan let Nina spend another night so if we had to take her to the hospital we would only have to worry about one child. Christopher spends another night at his grandmother’s house too. Lorelai didn’t eat at all that day too.


So later that night her fever pike to 103.0F, it was about 9ish in the evening. Tommy and I decided to take her to urgent care in Tulsa, Oklahoma. By the time we drove to the urgent care ‘about 30 min away’ her fever was coming down….and they were closed too...Lol... So we grabbed something to eat and headed home again. She slept with us at night she didn’t sleep much. Tommy and I were up half the night with her. When she woke up she said her felt better, and she wasn’t running a fever either so we both just chalked it up to a cold or something…well a couple hours later she starting running a fever again to 102.8. So we decided to take her back to the urgent care because it was high and she just didn’t look like she felt good. Still didn’t eat much.


We got to urgent care, check her in, they took her back to see the doctor. They checked her temp. Again and it was 103.8F!! So they gave her more meds and checked her for a bladder infection. They were also going to check her blood too, but the test results came back and they were not good. They wanted her to go to the hospital because they were just not equipped with the technology at the u.c. They wanted her to have a CAT scan to see if she needed her appendix needed to be removed. Her urine levels didn’t look good either. So we told them we would take her to St. John’s ‘new one’. So they called the hospital and told them we were going to bring her up there.


So we got St. John’s and they admitted her into the ER and they rechecked her urine levels again, and they decided to give her an IV because they didn’t know if they were going to have to rush her to the emergence surgery or not yet. They gave her an X-ray to see if they could see anything before they did blood test and her IV. Then they came back in to do her IV, Tommy, nurse, and I had to hold her down so they could get it in. they got the IV in on the first try! They also bought in some contrast for her to drink ‘iodine for her to drink so her organs would show up on a CAT scan.’  They mixed the contrast with her pop so it wouldn’t be so gross for her to drink. She cried and cried, she didn’t want to drink it at all!!! They did her blood work through her IV so that didn’t hurt her at all. But getting her to drink that mix took four hours of begging her sip by sip... Finally we could start the wait time so we could do the scan ‘hour wait’ for it to get into her system and make sure they could see her appendix. Hour later they did the scan, she did really well during it but it was almost 9 at night and she was poked and prodded all day. The doctor came back about 30-45 minuets later and told us she had good and some really bad news at the same time.


She said her appendix was okay, but her kidneys did not look good at all, the left kidney was twice the size it should be it was about the size of an adult kidney instead of a three year old. And her right kidney was misshaped. So the doctor told us we could just go home and take her to her normal doctor but she would ‘like it’ if we wouldn’t take her to St. Francis Children Hospital because they are the best in the state to deal with this type of these issues. But it is choice to take her or not. So we told her that we wanted to take her to St. Francis Hospital. The doctor told us it would be just a bit, she was going to call up there and admit her so all we had to do was go up there and all the paper work would be done already for us. And she was going to order and ultrasound too, and gives copies of the CAT scan. They gave us copies of everything and sent us on way to St. Francis by the time we left it was almost ten o’clock at night. They left in the IV so we wouldn’t have to deal with her having to get another one at the next place we were going.


Tommy had to work tomorrow and was going to stay with Lorelai at the hospital, so I took Tommy to his parent’s house so he could sleep there and go to work in the morning.  As soon as Tommy got out of the car I called Sara from work to ask about calling in to work before the holiday... I’ve never have done that before. She told me that when I called in just tell them that you would like FLMA paperwork for this and it would cover my ass and she also told me she hoped that Lorelai was going to be okay.


I got to the hospital got to the Children’s hospital area of the hospital and no one was there so I went to the ER thinking they would know where we should go, they directed me to go to back to the Children’s area and go the third floor and let them there to check-in and give them her full name. So we walked back though the hospital back to the children’s area. We got there and net with the doctors and they told me more then likely they wouldn’t do anything until morning because it was almost eleven o’clock at night. We went though what she was allergic too ‘bananas, cantaloupe, and blueberries.’ and they left us be, and we went to sleep. I awoke to an ultrasound tech in the room waking me up to letting me know they were going to do the ultrasound while she was asleep because it would be easer then waking her up. It was about two in the morning, it took her about 45 minutes for her to do both sized and told me they would have the results in the morning for me. I went back to sleep.


I awoke to my alarm on my phone at five o’clock so I could call into work and smoke to cigarette. I walked outside to my car and called into work, Brett ‘my boss’ answered the phone I explained what was going on with the whole ordeal with Lorelai and asked him for FLMA paperwork. He told me not to worry about work and just worry about her, and let him know what is going on when I know something. I got to my car and moved it closer to the Children’s hospital and went back to Lorelai room.


Went to back to here room she was still asleep, the intern doctor came into her room about 7:30ish and told me that the doctor would come by around nine o’clock and let us know what the plan was with dealing with that she had, and she answered some questions I had about her being able to eat or not? She told me that she couldn’t eat until the doctor saw her and got a chance to see all of her test results. She left and a nurse’s asst came in and asked if Lorelai would like anything to play with? I asked her what she could she have they had some play dough and a sand art picture for thanksgiving. Lorelai got happy to see the toys because she wasn’t able to eat yet… and she was getting hungry.  About that time the doctor and his team came into the room, and met Lorelai and me ‘because it was a new doctor for the day’ he wasn’t able to really tell me much because he hasn’t looked at her file and her test results yet. So when he got done with his around he would let me know or let the nurse know what to do. I asked if she could eat because she has not eaten since Friday afternoon. He told me that she could. So they left and we ordered her some lunch for her because they had ‘room service like menu’. I got lunch too; she played with the play dough until lunch arrived. We ate lunch together then we played with the play dough some more, watched some television and a group of people came by from Tech School and gave her a movie and a cute bag that was handmade. Lorelai loved the bag!! She was tired so she went to sleep for a nap, and I was able to go outside and smoke a cigarette and make some phone calls.


When I got back into the room she was still asleep and I laid down for a nap and awoke to some nurses in the room waking me up because the doctor told them she needed more antibiotics, she already had two in her IV but she had a double kidney infection so she needed some that would help that, and she also had strep throat too so couldn’t leave the room at all. I had to hold her down so they could give her the shot. OH did she cry!!!! She just kept saying no, no, no!!! They finished up the three shots total and left the room.

 It was pretty quiet the rest of the night, she was still running a high fever most of the day and evening. Ate dinner and Tommy came to visit us with Chris and Nina, and to give me a break…’alone time’ and to smoke again. They were there for about two or three hours, then they had to go home so the kids could go to bed and get ready for school and Tommy could get ready for work the next day. Lorelai and I went to bed still waiting to hear some news about the all test she had went though in the past twenty-four hours. The nurse came in though the night to give her some medicine for her fever that she was running off and on all night long.


 The highest in got was 103.0F, but the asst. doctor came in about 8ish in the morning and told me that if we could keep her free of a fever for twenty-four hours then they would let her go home, with medication she would have to take. I asked about her kidneys and her creat levels ‘creat levels show how much or how little the kidney is working or shutting down’ she they are within normal range for now. So that was great news!!!! I couldn’t wait to let Tommy know about this so I called him at work to let him know. It being Tuesday I was hoping that she would be out before Thanksgiving because who wants to be in the hospital on a holiday?? We had breakfast then the main doctors came in and looked her over and told me that they were going to send her to a specialist for her issues, and if she could go 24 without a fever without meds they would let her go home tomorrow. They doc said they were more worried about her kidney that was double its size vs. the one that was misshaped because a lot of people have kidneys that are not shaped normally. so I was happy about that but now it was just a waiting game to see is she was going to run a fever or not…. We watched some television and played with her play dough some more. My mom came up there to see her, she sat with her for bits so I could get something to eat and smoke, then are lunch came so nana decided to go so we could eat are lunch.  A little later Tommy’s grandparents and parents came up to see her too. They stay for about an hour too, and then they needed to go home because they had stuff to do. Lorelai was tired and I was to so we laid down for a nap and got woken up to the nurse coming in to give her some more med though her IV to fight the infection. We really just laid around not doing much all day. Chris’s grandma called and asked if she could pick up the kids from the house so we wouldn’t have to worry about them and Tommy could just come up to the hospital after he got off work, I said that was fine and told her that if Lorelai went 24 hours without a fever she would be able to go home tomorrow and would call her if she was able to come home to tomorrow so I could come pick up the kids from her house. We said are goodbyes and I let her go. Tommy came up there right when are dinner came so we had dinner together, and then he left about two hours after he got there so go home and rest from work because he had court the next day. ‘he had court because he was assaulted while he was carrying mail a month or two before and he had to testify against the guy’  but other then that he was suppose to be off work. Lorelai and I watched some TV and then went to bed.


 The next morning the nurse told me that she ran a small fever so she wasn’t sure what the doctor was going to do. I was so upset!! Not at Lorelai but just the fact that we were not going to able to go home. Tommy called me after he got out of court and told me that his boss called him into work, so she had to go in and work. That made me even more upset, the doctors team and he came in, and told me since it was such a small fever hw was going to let us go home, and that she needed to see she regular doctor within the next week to recheck her creat levels and everything so everyone would be on the same page about what was going on with her. It was around noon when we finally got her meds, release paperwork, copies of CAT scan, and ultrasound too. We got to go home!!!


I got her in to see the doctor the week after; she saw the doctor and she couldn’t pull up the CAT scan on the disk. So she wanted to wait to set-up the appointment with the specialist before she knew the whole picture of what was going on. So they drew more blood and told me to come back in two weeks and then they should have all her records from both hospitals and the urgent care. She did tell me that it’s not a good issue to have at all, but more then likely she was born with it and it will be a long process. Moet people born with this type of problem don’t normally start showing issues with them until they are older then she is now…but we will take it step by step… Her test came back normal again, good so far….


Two weeks later after all her meds were taken and the doctor got all her paperwork from the hospitals and the UC, they made her appointment for April 2, 2012. Which is four months away….it normally takes six to eight months to get into this type of doctor because there are only two in the state that deal just with kids.   So now we just are playing the waiting game………….until April.


So its not if there going to quit working, its when are they going to quit working…… she only three years old….


BTW- people who do need a kidney transplant, the kidney from a living donor normally only last 20 years, from someone who was killed it normally only last 10 years.

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