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3460073's blog: "poems"

created on 10/17/2009  |  http://fubar.com/poems/b313304

Dedicated to all the desperate men/boys on internet or what the hell u should call em

Dont ask me "can I have your number?"
"Can I call u?"
"Can I come?"
When I say no dont ask "why not?"
Dont tell me "I Love u"
Dont say "I want u to be my wife"
When all u know
Is my age, name n looks
PLEASE dont send me your msn or yahoo
When I never asked for it in the first place
Yeah there‘s normal people out there too
But way less then all u stupid fools

What‘s wrong with people? can u really be that desperate?
it‘s said really really sad...I feel sorry for y‘all


you bitch u whore
i can‘t take u any more
u lie and u bck stab
and tri to make me mad
but here‘s the thing u slut
compared to be ur a runt
im the number one bitch
so deal wit it

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