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Well by a large margin-Jimi Hendrix is who everyone overall voted for as their favorite guitarist. In your opinion, during the axefights I posted, was there a guitarist you like that was never listed and was there anyone better than Jimi Hendrix? Thank you for ALL your votes and comments. I enjoyed knowing all of you!-Chris
Randy Rhodes-2 Yngwie Malmsteen-0 Slash-1 Eddie Van Halen-5 Zakk Wylde-0 George Lynch-0 Eric Clapton-0 Joe Satriani-0 Stevie Ray Vaughan-0 Angus Young-3 Ace Frehley-0 Jake E. Lee-0 Dimebag Darrell Abbott-0 Jimmy Page-7 Steve Vai-0 Ritchie Blackmore-0 David Gilmour-0 Ted Nugent-0 Brian May-0 Joe Perry-0 Jimi Hendrix-4(Current Champion) Carlos Santana-0 Jeff Beck-0 Peter Frampton-0 After I go through all of the Guitar Gods listed in my pic album in head to head bouts, there WILL BE an overall winner afterwards. It will be decided by either most wins OR votes.
The last and final round found Jimi Hendrix the winner! Jimi Hendrix-49 Votes Peter Frampton-21 Votes Next will be Semi Finals to get to the quick on who on FUBAR likes who!
Round 22 was'nt even close! Heres the final count- Jeff Beck-17 Votes Jimi Hendrix-51 Votes Jimi Hendrix repeats as Champ!
I wanna thank everyone for making this one interesting and CLOSE! Heres your results- Jimi Hendrix-24 Votes Carlos Santana-23 Votes Jimi Hendrix is your 2 time Champ! Next MUMM will be between Jimi Hendrix VS. Jeff Beck!
Well, heres your results! To be honest, Im not surprised... Jimi Hendrix-55 Votes Jimmy Page-18 Votes Your NEW Champion-Jimi Hendrix! I want to thank everyone for making this most popular MUMM I have ever posted and sincerely appreciate all comments and votes posted!
Heres your results- Jimmy Page-38 Votes Joe Perry-28 Votes Jimmy Page is 7 Time Champion!
WOW!! Heres your final tally- Jimmy Page-39 Votes Brian May-12 Votes That makes 6 in a row for Mr. Page! Stick around for Axe Fight 19 in my next MUMM, Jimmy Page VS. Joe Perry!
This fight was closer! Heres your results- Jimmy Page-25 Votes Ted Nugent-20 Votes And STILL CHAMPION, Jimmy Page! Stick around for our next fight in my next MUMM-Jimmy Page VS. Queen's Brian May!
It was fairly close believe it or not! Heres the latest and final talley- Jimmy Page-19 Votes David Gilmour-15 Votes Still the Champ! Jimmy Page! Stick around for AXE FIGHT XVII in my next MUMM!
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