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Miss Stang's blog: "Life According To ~Stang"

created on 09/14/2006  |  http://fubar.com/life-according-to-stang/b945  |  3 followers
Before I do what I do best...which is bitch about dumb shit...lol..I first wanted to thank all of those who sent their birthday wishes. I have managed to send thank u cards to those who sent gifts and returned as many of the comments I could get to...those that didn't fall off the page. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you..... Now...on to my rant! Some of my best material comes from the bulletins...so I'll choose some of my favorites: "DOWNRATER ALERT" - We now have to alert the whole site that someone thinks you or your kid, or your dog is not a perfect 10? What a waste of time...some people on site actually give what they consider to be an honest opinion. Sure, some do it just to be a jack off but in the whole scheme of things....how does it affect your day? Now, before you start griping that I don't get low rated...lmmfaoooo!! I've had enough 1's to pass around to all of my friends...lmmfao!! However, when I rate, it's always a 10 or 11....I figure if they have the balls to display it, I can give them kudos for that. Don's get me wrong, I don't want someone to run through with a bunch of low rates but I'm not going to hunt them down like a rabid dog if they do....lol. Oh and btw, if you are going to downrate...at least have up more than 1 pic and have some pics of yourself up so people can rate your pics too....ha ha ha "Repost This Or I'm Deleting You" - Okay, so I didn't repost (not based on content, based on title alone....lol), if you are really going to delete me for not reposting, why do I see you post that damn bulletin 10 more times? Easy...b/c you didn't delete me as you promised...lmmfao!!! Why even bother making such idle threats? If you have the time to print out your friends list and watch the bulletin board 24/7 and mark off as every posts....I need dj's in the Underground..ha ha... you have time...lmmfao!! That goes double for people who threaten to delete their account of people do not repost their bulletin....You still here?....*Cracks Up* Dead...... - This is actually a shame. I used to repost bulletins for CT members or their family who had passed on. This stopped when the dead girlfriend of one of our members was found alive and well in Texas and just recently, a member passed away and bought ct gifts from her account a week later.....nuff said. Page Stalkers,,,, - A nuisance for sure..the ex cyber or irl love or hatin ass person who just can't move on so they come by your page every day, 10 times an hour just to annoy you. What do you yah do? Stick them in a bulletin so they can level up faster than you do....lmmfao!! Someone recently taught me that sometimes negative attention is better than none at all....so, not only do they annoy you, they get you to pimp them out....now who got who punked.....LOL. Other than these...what bulletins run you hotter than a .38 or make you laugh that someone actually posted or reposted them?
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