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Can't believe it is already six years since my last excursion to Las Vegas. The two previous trips were simple solo trips that were completely absent of visits to casinos. Really. There's more to Vegas than gambling. Kid you not. But this past weekend was by far my best trip yet. Alcohol, expensive food, lights, sounds, little sleep, alcohol, aliens, did I mention alcohol? For those not in the know, I took part in an extended bachelor party for my friend Randy, who've I known through my best pal Diosdado for more than a decade. I was honored to have been invited to three days of chaos and debauchery. It was a group effort; up to eight total good guys. Most are from different parts Texas, though Randy now lives in California, and another friend, Jason already lives in LV. We enjoyed all that Sin City has to offer. I did spend a good amount of money overall, but not nearly as much as certain other party crew members. Games such as poker and roulette mixed with the casino floor drinks will have that effect. One friend mentioned that Vegas pushes you to the limit. Indeed, it does. Not matter what you do - gamble, walk the numerous shopping centers. dance clubs, conventions, just strolling along the Strip - you're in for an adventure that will take its toll on your pocketbook and sleep schedule if you're not careful. I personally didn't gamble save for a few simple slot machines. My "game" was just to soak in the atmosphere. Be it the semi-extravagant dinners that I rarely take part in back home, or the rush to gather alcoholic provisions to take back to our Hilton hotel rooms, or the excessive cocktails and shots procured in an upscale dance club. Or maybe it was roaming around town in a rental car at 4 a.m., or carrying a rather tall frozen drink on the streets at 11 a.m. Saturday, traversing amazingly designed themed casino/hotels, or observing that Vegas seems to be undergoing more casino/hotel construction than ever before. Perhaps it was the excessively-priced stylish clothes on sale at different high-end boutiques or the glorious Borg Sphere drink I had for lunch at Quark's Restaurant and Bar at the Star Trek Experience (and this one was only HALF of what I could have ordered), or TSA agents mistaking me for an al-Qaeda agent or my having to steal the Martian artifact from outside Area 51. OK, that last activity didn't take place. That'll happen on the next visit ;-) Gracias again to Diosdado and company for an awesome yet exhausting time! Here's a toast to you, Randy, and the new life you're about to embark upon. The weekend re-awakened up my covert enthusiasm for traveling and for simply throwing caution to the wind. It also reminded me to never again buy bottled water from an upscale club LOL
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