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created on 11/12/2009  |

Wanna be in one of the hotties auctions ever?!

Join us for the

Big Daddy's Hot Spot and Bar Auction!

Starts Monday January 11th, 2010; Ends January 18th, 2010

Everyone is welcome to join! Send me your offer, photo link and 50k! All staff memeber is free to join!

Its a Winter Wonderland!

Auction starts Monday Nov 30th and goes for one week!

Send me a pm with your offers and photo link... 500k to enter

The more the Marrier... Have a great Holiday!

Live Auction at Big Daddy's Hot Spot!

Wednesday, November 18th 2009

9a Futime/11a Central/12p EST


Click the link below to enter the lounge and become a member! You must be a member of the lounge to be part of the auction or to bid!

How this is going to work:

1. Leave a comment here saying you joined the lounge and are wanting to be auctioned off! (the more people we get into the auction the more possibilities of getting a higher bid)

2. Wednesday come ready with your offers, once your name is said to be auctioned off we will have you place your offers in the lounge...then the bidding begins.

3. 10% of your earnings will go to the house (DJ Big Daddy himself!)

4. We will keep this clean as possible and no drama please!

5. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment here... you can also contact DJ Big Sexy Daddy (#3family) or Rock My World (His fuwife).

We are looking forward to this auction being a huge sucess and look forward to seeing you all in there!

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