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Christina aka Chris's blog: "Auction"

created on 09/06/2011  |  http://fubar.com/auction/b343344

It is time 4 me 2 host another auction! If u have never been in one of mine let me tell u how I do things...lol! I do auctions 4 fun & 2 help people out! I do not charge anything 2 enter! If u feel like giving me something once it is done then cool but I do not ask 4 anything! The name of this one is "Football Kick Off"!  All guys & girls welcome! 


Here is what I need by Thursday if u want in:

#1. A link 2 a pic of u (SFW but can be sexy if u want)

#2. What NFL or NCAA team that is your fav

#3. A list of what all u want 2 offer


That's all I need! The auction will start Saturday September 17th & will end on Friday September 23rd! If u need help on what 2 offer just message me! 



Chris =)

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