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Clu's blog: "Atheism "

created on 12/22/2010  |


It seems that being an atheist has become some sort of crime. I've been told that atheism is un-American. I've been insulted by so called Christians. I've been told that I should not speak to others about my lack of beliefs because it may "poison them. I was told that I could not support the military (which really pissed me off because my brother proudly serves in the Coast Guard and so did my father and that fact that they did that makes me proud to be part of the family)

This all seems kinda of discriminating to me. If you replaced the word Christian, Jewish, or Muslim in any of those sentences you would be told you a discriminating and ignorant, which is true. It seems though that those that have decided to take that stance that there is no "supreme being" are not protected from being insulted or discriminated against. 

As an atheist I have exposed my children to multiple religious organizations and not forced any ideas on them. I have donated money to a Lutheran non-profit help New Orleans rebuild,and I continue to hold myself to respect for others. Personally I feel as an atheist I've done more good then most of these religious people who have decided to attack my stance on a religion. I feel it is as if I should hide my atheist belief so not to "offend" anyone but anyone is free to speak of their religious ideas. 

I was wondering if there are others out there that have experienced the same response? 

And if my atheistic beliefs offend you, I'm really not sorry. I don't feel anyone should apologize for their religious beliefs, or lack there of.

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