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I got off the bus in Gainesville GA.  It was raining. Walked to the city park and camped out in the backwoods near the lake.  The next day it rained till about noon.  Then I packed up camp and started towards Amicoala State Park.  I kept running into dead ends trying to get across the lake.  Stopped at a gas station and grabbed a soda and this guy in a truck pulled up and asks me where I am headed too.  I tell him I am headed to Amicoala State park but can't seem to get passed this lake.  He says well I can give you a ride up to hwy 400 which will get you passed the lake.  I said that would be much appreciated.  He dropped me off at a gas station on hwy 400.  By then it was getting late about 4 or 5 pm.  So I went across hwy 400 into some wooded area and set up camp for the night.  I got up the next morning packed up camp and headed down hwy 400.  A guy pulls up and gives me a ride a couple of miles down hwy 400.  I continue walking.  After awhile I decide to sit down and take a break and eat a snack.  Sheriff pulls up and says he got a call about a terrorist sitting on the side of the road.  He saw my pack and immediately knew I was headed to the AT.  Called my ID in anyway and said he could give me a ride to the end of his zone which was hwy 136. I said I would appreciate that.  I threw my pack in the back and got in and we headed down the road. We got about a mile down the road when dispatch comes over the cb and says to give me a ride all the way to the state park.  We passed a kangaroo reserve on the way to the state park.  Yes a kangaroo reserve in GA who would have thought huh. When we got to the state park there were some people in the parking lot.  They had a worried look on their face when they saw me get out of the back of the sheriff car and head into the woods.  Kind of like you are letting convicts loose in the woods now.  Got to the top of Frosty Mtn. and set up camp for the night. I got to the top of Springer Mtn. the next day.  It was extremely windy so I slept on the second floor of the shelter that night.  Had three other hikers where as well.  A big storm blew in over the night it was pouring rain the next day.  So I did what everyone else was doing and put on my rain gear and headed toward Hawk Mtn Shelter.  Got to Hawk Mtn. Shelter and set up camp.  I spent the next day at Hawk Mtn. trying to dry stuff out.  I Met Guitar and the Roman Prophet there as well.  They were spending the day trying to dry out as well.  Guitars tent flooded the night before.  Didn't get all my stuff dried out and woke up the next morning and it was 17 degrees with a layer of snow on the ground.  Of course everything that was wet is now frozen.  I just packed up camp and put on dry set of clothes and headed down the trail.  I spent the night at Gooch Mtn. Shelter.  I Got to Woody Gap the next day and this guy cooking up hot dogs and giving away fruit and snacks for hikers.  I stopped had a few hot dogs and took some fruit and snacks for the trail.  I took a break at Blood Mtn. Shelter. I didn’t stay because there was no water source.  I continued on down to Neels Gap/Mtn Crossings Big Outfitter there.  They got me for a $21 pair of socks.  He said they would get me to Maine.  I said they better get me to Saturn and back for $21. I camped out behind Mtn. Crossings. I met Tramp there who has been backpacking all across the country.  Couldn't find any water between Neels Gap and Low Gap except for at Whitely Gap Shelter which was 1.2 miles off the trail and I didn't feel like doing that.  So I set up camp at an already used campsite and set out my camp shower with a plastic bottle in it for a funnel and my pot and water containers and wrapped my hat in my pack cover and set them out to collect the rain overnight.  The next day was misty and raining off and on so I spent the day there.  I did manage to keep a fire going in the rain.  Everyone who passed by was in "Awe" that I had a fire going in the rain.  The next day went on and spent the day at Blue Mtn. Shelter.  Setup my camp shower and took a shower.  Woke up and back on the trail.  Got to Unicoi Gap and started walking down GA. 75 into Helen GA which was 9 miles from the trail.  I got a few miles down the road when a cab pulls up and gives me a free ride all the way to the Dollar General in Helen GA.  Helen is a nice German themed tourist town.  Resupplied at DG then started walking back to the trail.  I stopped at gas station as well to fill up my fuel bottles.  I would get stopped now and again by tourists asking questions and taking pictures.  A couple of miles outside of Helen heading back to the trail another thru-hiker and his folks saw me and gave me a ride back to the trail.  Just Burly was the thru-hikers name. Had to dig deep to get to the top of Rocky Mtn with a full pack.  The climb went from 2949' at Unicoi Gap at mile 50.5 and went up to 4017' at the top of Rocky Mtn at mile 51.8 made it to the cheese factory site and called it a day. I Reached Tray Mtn. Shelter the next day was thinking about calling it a day there but decided to move onto Deep Gap Shelter and spent the night there.  I came across a couple of guys’ slack packing or "cheating". That is where someone takes your pack further down the trail for you and all you carry is a day pack.  I Went from Deep Gap Shelter to Muskrat Shelter.  I took a zero day at Muskrat shelter.  I met Fishing Fred and Gatorade near Mooney Gap.  They were serving hot dogs, cokes, snacks, energy bars etc. I shared my Hershey bars and Reeses with them and other hikers. Met Doc and his son Do What.  I got the trail name Tree beard cause of my Real tree outfit and beard.  I spent the night there.  Big Storm blew in overnight.  I met another thru-hiker named "that one guy" carrying 25 lbs. of philosophy books.  I gave him some of my food so he would have enough to get to Franklin NC to resupply. Fishing Fred made pancakes in the morning and Gatorade made coffee.  Back on the trail next stop was Rock Gap Shelter.  One of the guys cheating between Tray Mtn. Shelter and Deep Gap Shelter called it quits.  All I could say was nice knowing you I am heading down the trail.  I had someone wake me up at 6 am. That one guy and another hiker and me headed out on a 4 mile hike to Winding Stair Gap to catch the Free Ron Haven Shuttle Bus into Franklin NC.  Resupplied at DG and grabbed a couple of steaks from the grocery store next door.  Then took the shuttle bus back to Winding Stair Gap and got back on the trail. That one guy had to get off the bus early to hit the outfitter for alcohol for his stove and I never saw him again.  Stopped at Siler Bald Shelter which seemed like a lot further then the half mile the sign said it was.  Cooke up the steaks on the grill over the fire pit and sold one of them to a couple for $5.  I setup camp for the night.  It rained all day the next day so I spent the day there.  Had this family come in and hang their wet clothes all over the shelter so you had to walk through them to get into the shelter.  They took up the whole picnic table with all their cooking crap. I went back to my tent and spent the rest of the day in my tent. Inconsiderate pricks.   I came across a guy cooking hamburgers/chips/cokes.  They call this Trail Magic when someone cooks/leaves food or sodas for thru hikers. day. I setup camp at A. Rufus Morgan Shelter. A bunch of thru hikers showed up as well and nobody slept in the shelter everyone tented.  I met this HOT ASS blonde chic there as well.  Yeah I didn't catch her name but the black tights she was wearing OUCH!!!!!!  Went through NOC and turned a pair of jeans and long sleeve shirt into shorts and a short sleeve shirt.  I was collecting birch bark at Sassafras Gap Shelter for kindling/tinder and stabbed myself in my left thumb.  I used superglue to close the wound.  My left hand became unusable for a few days.  Next stop was Fontana Dam where I spent the night at the Fontana Hilton.  Took advantage of the shower they had there in the bathroom.  That HOT ASS blonde I met back at A. Rufus Morgan Shelter was there.  She went to a hotel while I continued on into the smokies.  Got stopped by U.S. Government Agent and had my ID called in and had to fill out a backcountry camping permit.  I made it to Mollie Ridge shelter which was 9.9 miles from the U.S. Government agent so the sign said. By now everyone loves my fire making skills.  The shelters in the smokies have fireplaces in them but a lot of good they do when the fireplace is right next to the open side of the three stone walled structure and all they have for a fourth wall is a tarp.  Doc took a picture of me and the kick ass fire I made in the fireplace.  Slept in the shelters all the ways through the smokies and you have to have a permit to stay in the shelters.  Clingman's Dome was cool but a bitch to climb.  I was sitting there taking a breather and some of the tourists thought I was homeless and asking if I had enough food and giving me food.  Some tourists were in awe/omg you walked from GA and you are going to Maine on foot.  Rocky Top you'll always be home sweet home to me good ol'rocky top rocky top Tennessee.  On top of ol smoky all covered in blood I shot my poor teacher with a 44 slug.  I went to her funeral I went to her grave some people threw flowers but I threw grenades. These are just some of the songs going through my head at the time.  Sang if that ain't country, country boy can survive, just a white boy looking for a place to do my thing, God ol Boys, Good ol Rebel were songs I sang out loud on the trail daily.  Long haired redneck was another daily song I sang.  I sang these boots were made for walking a few times as well.  I got caught in the rain going to Tri-Corner Knob Shelter.  When I got there two city snobs were trying but couldn't get a fire going.  So I went out into the rain and collected some wood.  Used my dry birch bark from my pack and got a fire going for them they ignored it and went out on the front porch and played cards.  Didn't help collect wood or anything.  So I said Fuck it went to bed let the fire go out.  I woke up the next morning to snow.  Yes snow in the smokies who's a thought huh in April.  I spent the rest of the day there next to the fireplace.  I came across some trail magic at Davenport Gap.  These ladies took my picture then made me a ham sandwich/chips/candy/candy bars etc.  I came close to eating myself sick.  Took a bunch of candy, apples, oranges, etc. for the trail played in the waterfall right before I-40.  Which was refreshing to say the least?  I had a hell of a time climbing Snowbird Mtn.  I almost passed out climbing it.  There is yet still more climbing.  Been a month everyday a new mtn to climb FUCK!!!!!  I reached Walnut Mtn Shelter which had no roof on it at the time.  Continued on till sunset setup camp after going up and coming down Bluff Mtn.  Only 8 1/2 miles to Hot Springs which is my next resupply and the trail goes right through town.  They even have these little AT plaques imbedded into the sidewalk as trail markers.  Yes there is still more climbing.  Finally make it into Hot Springs where Lost&Found is serving up some trail magic.  I resupplied at DG.  LOVE DG.  Should find out where the rest of DG is along the trail.  I setup camp next to the river outside of Hot Springs. OMG a Mtn Dew tastes AWESOME after days/miles of just water.  I am going to try to keep up 15 or so mile days with full pack.  Next shelter is 12 miles away.  I bet there is more climbing. I got to roast marshmallows with saber-toothed and the guys before it started raining.  This trail seems to go up every chance it gets.  Climb climb climb climb climb climb climb climb climb climb climb climb climb climb climb climb climb climb climb climb climb climb climb climb climb climb climb climb climb climb.  Took a nap on the side of trail finally found shelter right on the other side of the 4th mtn I climbed today. How are you supposed to get any miles in when you have all these mtns to go over all the time?  Where the HELL is Virginia??  Have to start hiking the trail earlier so I can beat the heat/sun.  Done I can do with pack weight just have heavy gear is all.  Just have to go with what you can afford doing well for never climbing mtns before.  Tomorrow is a new day with a new mtn/mtns to climb.  Best trail magic today.  Old couple had trail magic at their home.  They served plate size waffle, big ol bowl of soup with boulder size pieces of meat, full banana length size banana split.  Then back to climbing through Cherokee National Forest.  Got about a mile or two down the trail and took a nap on the side of the trail.  Got into Jerry's cabin shelter after dark seem to take forever to get through Black Stack Cliffs.  It is raining off and on again today.  After Springer no more starting hikes in the rain.  Met guy named U-Haul carrying 100 lb. pack.  His grandmother makes his food for him.  He has got soups, spaghetti and such in big Tupperware containers. His food bag weighs more then my whole pack.  I spent most of the day sleeping in my tent.  Fallen trees are starting to look like the rooftops of shelters.  Woke up and some dude was sleeping on the picnic table.  Turned out to be sunny but didn't seem to warm up much.  I came across a grave site right next to the trail.  Just when you think your coming up to the next shelter add 4 miles and 3 mtns.  And you will find it.  More trail magic papa smurf was serving ham sandwiches/chips/sodas/homemade brownies at rice gap.  Felt like shit today.  It is still averaging 50/50 on the warm/dry cold/wet days.  I think the cold/wet days are getting to me finally.  Didn't make it to Hogback Ridge shelter today got tired of walking feel like complete shit Ferris I can't go anywhere you know what my diastolic is.  Ran into another mtn. camped out.  Tried hiking this shit out of me today didn't happen maybe tomorrow.  Does it ever warm up in the mtns?  It is just another day in PARADISE.  I climbed two more mtns. before reaching Hogback Ridge Shelter.  There was some trail magic on the other side of Sam's Gap at the bottom.  I had three hamburgers some homemade chocolate chip cookies and took some apples and oranges for the trail.  I got about a mile down the trail and ended up taking a TBPNT (Tree beard Power Nap Time) then back to climbing.  Wake up have breakfast start climbing have lunch back to climbing have supper bedtime. Wake up have breakfast start climbing have lunch back to climbing have supper bedtime.  Wake up have breakfast start climbing have lunch back to climbing have supper bedtime.  Wake up have breakfast start climbing have lunch back to climbing have supper bedtime.  Wake up have breakfast start climbing have lunch back to climbing have supper bedtime.  Wake up have breakfast start climbing have lunch back to climbing have supper bedtime.  Wake up have breakfast start climbing have lunch back to climbing have supper bedtime.  Wake up have breakfast start climbing have lunch back to climbing have supper bedtime.  Wake up have breakfast start climbing have lunch back to climbing have supper bedtime.  Wake up have breakfast start climbing have lunch back to climbing have supper bedtime.  Wake up have breakfast start climbing have lunch back to climbing have supper bedtime.  Wake up have breakfast start climbing have lunch back to climbing have supper bedtime.  But remember it is just another day in PARADISE. Me -----------------------------------------:




------ Resupply/Shelter.  They call these switchbacks.  I call them FUCKING "S" Bullshit.  I met Wild Rain on the way to No Business Shelter.  Big Storm supposed to be coming in tonight.  So I stayed at No Business Shelter and Wild Rain went on down the trail. It was a short ten miles that day.

It started out to be a great sunny day.  Took a spill trying to get by blown down tree slipped on wet leaves left hip landed on a hidden rock OW!!!!!!  Woody unloaded his food bag on me at No Business Shelter.  Doc caught up to me right after my spill.  Said he did 67 miles in three days and won't do that again.  He wanted to get into Erwin TN. to celebrate his anniversary with his wife.  Stopped at the hostel outside of Erwin and doc unloaded his food bag on me.  I met up with Tramp, Guitar and the Roman Prophet while I was taking a break at the hostel.  They were all upset because the weather man said there was 100% chance of rain but it was blue skies and sunny 70 degrees.  They ended up paying for another night at the hostel based on what the weather man said.  Of course I rubbed it in saying what a beautiful day for a hike it was and I think I will take a hike today as well as I was leaving :) :).  I got to Curly Maple Gap Shelter which was 4 miles down the trail.  Took a break there during which time the sky turned dark and it got COLD.  So I decided to stay there for the night.  The day started out great though.  The low is 35 degrees they are saying for tonight.  35 in mid April in Tennessee. Woke up with a BIG OL knot on my left hip.  Where's the trail maintenance? Hell of a climb up Unaka Mtn 5,180'.  Saw the site where they had Cloudland Hotel.  There was a mailbox along the trail in an open pasture in nowhere Ville that said "goat info" on the front and had into on goats inside.  Thought there may have been some info on Josh in there :) :) :). 

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