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  1. journal
  2. digital camera, batteries, memory card
  3. deodorant, shampoo
  4. pack repair, tent repair, sleeping pad repair
  5. pillow
  6. butt paper
  7. ¼” rope
  8. matches,lighters,magnesium strip
  9. camp dry
  10. iodine tablets
  11. trekker socks- 2 pair
  12. crocs
  13. trash bag
  14. Ziploc bags various sizes
  15. food bag
  16. shorts, pants, ls and ss shirt, stocking cap, hat, jacket, gloves,
  17. 3l hydration bladder
  18. birch bark
  19. pens
  20. ankle gators
  21. zip strips
  22. k0bar knife
  23. tyvek ground cover.


Rain delay again today.  It smelled and felt like rain all morning and finally my Achilles heel got sore enough I was limping so I set up camp and now it is raining.  Was it a sign?? My Achilles heel acting up and making me stop??  Maybe.  But I am sitting the rest of the day out and read more of the adventures of huckleberry Finn and follow his adventures while mine are put on hold.  Yet another rain delay.  At least I will get to finish my book.  Well I finished my book and the skies have cleared up and the sun is out so back on the trial.  Called it a day at story spring shelter.  Spruce peak shelter tomorrow then into Manchester center Vt.  The next day. These silver emergency blankets work well but they have to be next to your skin to really work though.  They are noisy but when your tenting by yourself who cares cause there is no one else around to bother anyway.  Trail magic today homemade chocolate chip and pecan brownies, sodas, Gatorade.  Vermont has a new name it is now vermud.  Cause most of the trail in vermud has been just that mud .  piles and piles of tree roots.  It is like I am in pa but with tree roots instead of rocks.  Of course the bottom of my boots are wet from the mud and puddles and the tree roots and rocks and boulders are wet so I am slipping and sliding all over the place.  Which makes for and even funner adventure.  Got me a new book entitled “ field notes from a catastrophe man, nature and climate change.” By Elizabeth kolbert.  Long title  I know  it is a book on global warming.  Taking a break right now and reorganizing my pack again which I do from time to time cause just like an office desk or room or house it gets clustered with stuff getting taken out and put back not in same spot and stuff getting used up like food and other stuff.  So the weight gets shifted to one side or the other or all ends up at my waist with now weight up top so it on my shoulders.  Just the adding and subtracting things it needs to be repacked once in a while. $5 to stay at Stratton pond shelter are you kidding me.  $5 to stay at a shelter on the at.  Can you believe that.  It is nothing more then a regular at shelter to begin with.  No way I am paying $5 to stay at an at shelter just to get eaten alive by mosquitoes when I get that for free all day on the trail.  If I am going to pay to stay somewhere it is at least going to be in and away from the skeeters and insects.  That kind of scam are the running there. I hear there are a few more shelters that charge up to $8 to stay and are just like at shelters with an open side.  FUCK THAT!!!!  I hear you can work to stay. WORK!!!!!!!I am not on the trail to work. I work enough hiking the trail. 1,500 miles and Stratton pond is the first shelter that you have to pay to stay.  So I headed back down the trail and set up camp at William b Douglas shelter which is a free at shelter.  ½ mile off the trail but miles don’t mean anything anymore and besides I am glad to walk the half mile and not have to pay.  FUCKING OUTRAGEOUS. DAMN YANKEES. Always the dollar with these Yankees always the dollar.  Plus new jersey and new York were expensive to resupply through as well.  Sorry Josh but Griffith lake and tenting area charges as well. Makes no sense to me when I can camp on the at for free.  Make me pay to stay at an at shelter what kind of bullshit is that  hopefully I can make it into Manchester center Vt early tomorrow and bypass all these pay shelters pay and get eaten alive by mosquitoes unbelievable.  Like I said don’t make no sense at all. Next thing you know they will be setting up toll booths on the trail saying you have to pay to hike the part of the trail. Would not surprise me one bit if that ever did happen.  Always the dollar I tell ya always the dollar.  Then some punk at Stratton pond shelter tried to tell me I couldn’t camp on the trail unless I was a ¼ mile from the trail and blah blah blah blah.  I said what’s with the rules dude.  I have been on the at for five months now don’t tell me I can’t camp on the at.  Good thing I started in Georgia and got to know the at so I  am aware all this scam and bullshit.  I can’t camp on the at WTF.  The “MAN” is always trying to keep me down I tell ya J J J J.  That little punk was trying to make it our like I had to pay shelter fees and couldn’t just go down the at a few miles and camp out.  What kind of kick back is this punk getting I wonder??  Reminds me of the dude way back when that tried to tell me I had to hang my clothes inside my tent and not outside on a clothesline. FUCKING SNOBBY ASS hikers.  Well I don’t like it.  So what did I see the next morning that fucker had his shit outside on a clothes line. I mean I can respect people and such but then again I still got to what I got to do.  I am not going to adjust myself to your little fucking rules and pet peeves if it hinders me just to make you happy.  FUCK THAT!!!!!!  It hinders my free spirit and my do what I want to do whenever I want attitude.  Fuck all that rules bullshit.  You have to do this or that or follow this. No thank you.  That is why I came out to the at to begin with to get away from all the rules and bullshit and people saying you have to do this or you can’t do that.  If I want to take a shit in the woods I am going to take a shit in the woods.  Don’t like it go back to your city life and get the fuck out of the wilderness.  I am wild and free and have a problem with people telling me what I can and can not do.  Yes I am a caveman/mountain man whatever you want to call it and I am where I belong in the mtns/woods.  This is my element so take your city snobby bullshit else where there is no room for it out here in the “WILD”erness.  Went into Manchester center today and got some supplies and then called it a day at bromley shelter.  Stopped at big branch shelter for the day.  The skies are not looking good haven’t seen the sun at all today and the next shelter is 8 miles away and I just know I will get stuck in a torrential down pour during that 8 mile hike I just know it.  But of course now that I am sitting in a shelter the skies will just be dark and no rain till I hit the trail again if I was to that which I am not.  Talked to a south bounder this morning.  He was going on about how hard the trail is coming from Katahdin and how it is the hardest part of the trail and I have not seen nothing yet blah blah blah. I told him yeah it may be tough but I don’t think it will be any tougher then that I have already done.  Of course he is like everyone else says ok just wait till you get to this part or that part blah blah blah.  Yep I would have got about 4 or 5 miles and got hammered with rain for it is raining now.  A day hiker showed up on his way to his car which was only 1 ½ miles away and chatted a little and gave me three peanut butter jelly sandwiches some crackers and a hard boiled egg.  Then headed back down the trail  set up my tent in big branch shelter since it looks like I am going to have the shelter to myself.  Keep the skeeters off me cause this rain in perfect breeding grounds for skeeters especially when it stops and nighttime approaches.  Looks like I am going to be slipping and sliding on roots and rocks again tomorrow as well.  That is just what vermud needs more rain.  Oh the wonderful days in paradise.  Lost & Found still three days ahead of me.  Trail magic this morning a box with a cucumber, some cinnamon swirl bread and a bag of starburst sour jelly beans in it.  Then at Vt 103 four cans of soda.  Stopped at claredon shelter to find a Ziploc bag of oatmeal and a package of spaghetti.  Calling it a day here at clarendon shelter.  This shelter has a nice front lawn with a couple of flower pots.  Should I finish the last soda? Sure why not what are you saving it for? Feeling like you need to carry extra weight or something. Not likely nice 17 miles day today. I may have this shelter all to myself as well tonight.  Still going to set up my tent though.  Ground seems a lot softer then this hard wooden bunks. That was the longest mile to a shelter so far.  I came close to passing out on the climb.  Started getting light headed and went whoa there buddy take it easy.  I just wish I had something to put on this spaghetti.  500 miles to Katahdin.  20 miles day today.  Got to Churchill Scott shelter and found a mountain house meal. Then there were 5 sodas just before us road.  Called it a day at Gifford woods state park.  Place was packed with car campers.  Found me a spot though. Got a smore, peanut butter/jelly sandwich some blue muffins and tomato and red pepper from one of the car campers.  Really FUCKING SICK  of these FUCKING GRAVEL WOOD PLATFORMS AND SHIT. Never give anyone a place to stake anything down.  Everything has to be free standing.  FUCKERS.  Only camp in designated areas but we won’t let you stake anything down in those areas . FUCKERS.  All I can do is do the best I can. Calling for rain tomorrow.  I sure hope not.  I can’t afford days off trying to catch lost & found especially when I am not too far behind him. 20 mile day today and then another 4.5 miles into Woodstock Vt for some supplies.  Ran into doc at stony brook shelter.  He was sitting there waiting for his son do what. Came across or rather peregrine came across me on the trail as well saying SOB wondering how I either got ahead of him or how he caught me.  Found me an apple tree on the trail as well.  Green apples spent a couple of days in Woodstock Vt.  As far as catching lost & found that is secondary to seeing the sites.sounds and such and doing my own thing.  But it is nice to be back home on the ol’ at.  Woke up this morning with a buffet of snails on the inside and outside of my rain fly. So it was a decent little breakfast.  A whole lot better then the skimpy ass $15 breakfast at mountain creamery HOLYFUCK.  3 little pancakes, handful of hashbrowns and a cup of coffee $15 FUCKING DOLLARS.  Got me a can opener. I know hikers are going to laugh and groan why the hell are you carrying a can opener.  Cause a lot of food is cheaper in a can than a package so I buy the can and put the contents in a double zipper heavy duty Ziploc bag and throw away the heavy can. That way I save money and all I carry is basically product weight.  Cause the Ziploc bag weighs maybe a ½ ounce at the most.  Plus it also saves a ton of room in my pack.  I think I got this non-cooking thing down now though.  The rices/pastas can still be made just let them soak in water for awhile.  Of course nothing is hot but if you really need to carry a pot and start a campfire normally there is one going when you are something hot anyway.  Camp stoves definitely have their place.  It is nice especially in cold weather not fussing with getting a campfire going especially in the morning and evening after a long days hike you just want to cook eat and be done.  But in the warm weather they lose their luster and sometimes are just extra weight.   The road into Woodstock Vt is at 882’ at mile 127.9 and the road into south pomfret Vt is at 820’ at mile 129.4 so the data book says.  What the data book doesn’t tell you is there is a BIG FUCKING MOUNTAIN in between the road into Woodstock and the road into south pomfret.  So after getting back to the trail late in the afternoon I set up camp on top of the mountain.  I found a thick piece of round foam that you could use to insulate pipes with on the side of the road and picked it up and using it for more shoulder padding.  The padding on my shoulder straps is all bunch up and wore out.  I am definitely getting this whole at thing figured out and my next thru-hike will be a lot more enjoyable and be a lot less headaches and problems that is for sure. I think I got it figured out to where my monthly food bill is$200 and have plenty of food to last the whole month.  I need to get some good quality gear that will last me then work on save for a year then continue living my dream of on the at.  Section hike down south in the winter time and then head north come spring or later winter and spend the summer in Maine and then go back down south.   As long as  you don’t spend more then a couple of days at a shelter no one will bother you. You can’t make it look like you are “living” on the at instead of “hiking” the at.  So you just have to keep moving which is what we do anyway cause it gets boring spending the whole day at a shelter doing nothing.  Work for a year save what I can and put it on a pre-paid debit card hopefully with no fees (YEAH GOOD LUCK ON THAT.)  and away I go.  Up to top of mtn down to the road back up to the top of the mtn back down to the road up to the top of the mtn back down to the road.  Then after what happen at mtn creamery I get to cloudland rd and there is a sign that says hey hikers come enjoy some ice cream sodas and such at cloudland farm country market only 2 miles UP the road.  Open Wednesday – Saturday 10-5. I know today is Thursday  cause I checked to see what day it was.  Get to the top of the road and the sign says “CLOSED.”  MOTHERFUCKER.  After pissing and moaning about it the janitor comes out and opens the place up for me.  Oh and by looking at the sun it was about noon to one in the afternoon.  So I got myself a bottle of Rugged mountain root beer.  Oooooh “RUGGED.”  It is anal natural soda from pure mtn water.  It contains carbonated water evaporated cane juice natural flavors, spices and citic acid.  And relaxed on the front porch for awhile.  Going to call it a day at thistle hill shelter.  Ok no more shelters.  The hard wood floor/bunks is too much.  The ground is a whole lot softer to sleep on.  Good thing I keep a good supply of iodine tablets fir these stagnant  puddle water sources.  Went into Hanover nh to resupply.  Trail goes right through town.  Made it to NH two more states to go.  Trail Magic for today:  watermelon, homemade raisin bread at yellow house, free day old sandwich at dans & whits general store in Norwich Vt, cup of coffee at Dartmouth book store snickers bar at the mountain goat outfitters slice of pizza at ramuntos brick and brew pizzaeria bagel with strawberry cream cheese at bagel basement.  Hiker box at Hanover outdoors.  Rained last night and this morning camped out at velvet rocks shelter.  Probably spend the day in Hanover trying to type as much of my journal onto face book as I can.  Sky was gloomy most of the day but no rain just drizzle in morning. Spent another day in Hanover.  Got some Velcro to fix my vestibule on my tent.  Went to stinsons general store and got a mellow yellow for a buck and she threw in a monte carlo del sandwhich chips mr goodbar candy bar for free.  Got invited to a pig roast at the local catholic church.  Camped out near the trail for the night spent yet another day in Hanover. Will I ever get out of this town? Went to everything but anchovies pizzeria for their all you can eat pizza buffet only $6.99 with all the pizza I ate you would have thought I haven’t had anything to eat for days.  But after being on the trail you develop a “hiker appetite” where devour everything in site and then some.  Going to grab what supplies I can at wal-mart tomorrow cause from here to Katahdin ain’t’ much for resupply that isn’t 5 to 10 miles one way from the trail.  Camped out same spot as last night.  Starting from nj north all the resupply places have been extremely overpriced.  You really have to spend a day to find the cheap resupplies.  I didn’t find out about the wal-mart and free bus to/from wal-mart till my 3rd day in Hanover.  The cop-op market there in Hanover wanted $4 for a pound of bologna and $4 for a loaf of bread.  $8 for bologna/bread so much for that being the poor mans’ diet in this town.  So you really got to be in the know on the trail to no spend bill gates amount of money.  Took the free bus to wal-mart and price chopper and resupplied only got a few things from the co-op market in Hanover.  Then headed back down the trail and set up camp at velvet rocks shelter.  I was sitting there at the shelter and low and behold tippy toes comes walking up.  Said she got lyme disease and was out for a week.  So we caught up and bullshitted till hiker midnight which is getting earlier and earlier.  Raining again this evening wind is blowing pretty good as well.  Hope it is nice tomorrow if it is raining when I get up it is back to bed as usual.  A couple other female hikers showed up late in the evening.  Everyone is still guessing my age to be between 222-25 years old.  They call bullshit when I say 34.  well time for bed I suppose night.  Met “awol” today the author of the best at guide out there. Met gimli today.  Raining  this morning but finally able to hit the trail  made it to moose mountain shelter took a break and sewed a patch over the huge hole in my shorts so my pecker wouldn’t be hanging out.  While I was doing that it started raining.  So I ended up calling it a day there. Several other hikers showed up a couple of them I haven’t seen for like 1,000 miles.  One is from des Moines Iowa.  It eventually stopped raining and I set up my tent.  Collected a bunch of firewood for the fire they got going with the help of one of my fire sticks.  Had some kind of “bug” or something that was making me queasy so I got up in the middle of the night and made myself hurl and after that I was fine.  Visited the ice cream man today.  Got some free ice cream and a couple of cokes 50 cents a coke. Raided the hiker box for some reading material.  Checked the paper calling for rain Sunday  Monday today is Thursday.  Also got some lighter tent stakes from the hiker box.  Bought a couple more cokes for the trail.

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