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Then my tent pole snapped again this morning had to fix that.  Walk about 1 1/2 mile round trip to delps spring to find it dry as a bone and it rained last night.  Bonus miles I will have done when I get to Maine: 200.  With water sources 1/2 mile from trail, town for resupply, and me just being a plain dumbass and losing the AT a gazillion times.  All which are not counted nor is the 8.8 mile access trail to Springer Mtn. Everything is getting tore up on the trail. 1. Vestibule zipper went out. 2. Tent poles snaps 3 times. 3. Shoulder straps on pack break. 4. Brand new pair of boots I got right before pa are basically wasted on one state. 5. zipper on sleeping bag compartment broke. 6. Headlight doesn't work anymore. As far as me goes everything seems to be working as of now.  No bruised muscles or anything just the sore feet from walking on rocks all the time and sore shoulders from wearing my pack all the time.  Everyday I wake up thinking ok this is what I am going to do today but it never happens that was I always end up doing other things.  Even tonight I didn't want to drag everything out of my pack but ended up that way anyway.  Plus I am going to try to do some continuous miles without stopping every mile or so to adjust my pack or something.  Yeah it is nice but when there is just trail and nothing else you just as well keep walking instead of dawdling and wasting daylight.  Trail magic at park today.  Lady gave me a whole watermelon that was already cut up and in Ziploc bags.  So I sat there and devoured it all.  Stopped at the church of the mtn hostel which was free to stay but had to sleep in the overflow shelter though which is an AT shelter.  Got me another guidebook at the hostel. Plus I traded in my two metal water containers for a 3l bladder pack. Got myself another multi-tool, some food,band-aids,ducktape. Got rid of my rain gear. They had a hiker feed here at the hostel last night.  I weighed myself on the bathroom scale here and I am now 127 lbs lost 20 lbs since GA. I got some nice cushy insoles from the hiker box here as well.  Ran into a lot of thru-hiker friends here as well.  Do What gave me a roll of duct tape.  Got some food from a thru-hiker who was leaving the trail for awhile but coming back.  Another pair of socks as well.  Now I am organizing my pack for stuff I don't need and stuff I need.  Downsizing basically.  Some hikers want me to get rid of my stove and fuel and cooking gear and just go with cold stuff. I just can't do that. Finally getting out of PA.  Thanks for ruining a brand new pair of shoes PA.  FUCKER!!!!!!! Bruised my toe on a rock yesterday as well.  Grabbed a couple of coke zeros for the trail.  All they had.  I know zero calories like I need to lose anymore weight.  I just may have to get a can of lard.  Seriously thinking about it.  Brink Road shelter was  nothing more then a mosquito infested rat hole.  Was going to take a break there but said fuck it and filled up on water and got out of there while I still had blood left.  Took a break on side of trail instead and still collecting blueberries for a snack.  Rain day.  Rained all day today so I didn't go anywhere.  Wish I had a book to read but I don't 'read them enough to carry the weight.  I suppose I could ready my journal though.  I do still have that mini deck of cards though I could play with.  I could just go back to  bed as well.  Hailed last night for a little while.  I can continue writing in my journal as well.  860 miles to go to reach Katahdin.  YAY :) :) :) :).  It will be sad to see this adventure end but when I get to Maine I will find some work grab some new gear and hike the trail again now that I know what it takes and what gear I need and don't need.  I may hit another trail in the country thought about maybe the Sierra Nevada’s in California.  We will just have to see when the time comes.  Ran into that thru-hiker that bought me those beers at Patty T's and took me to taco bell at high point shelter.  Traded him a bic lighter for food.  I think the jelly or something I got from him was bad cause I had an upset stomach later.  Took some pepto tablets and called it a day.  Woke up feeling fine.  Went into Unionville NY and grabbed a few things from the grocery store then went over to the gazebo next to the post office where a nice looking young female thru-hiker was sorting through her mail drop.  Chatted with her and she gave me her left over food from her mail drop.  I just devoured a whole 12 oz bag of teddy bear chocolate chip cookies.  I am going to have a cheddar broccoli rice side to go with it.  It was fun walking though the mud/marsh/swamp of new jersey yesterday and this morning.  Ran into moon doggie and a chic that is hiking with him in Unionville.  Decided to run with them today.  Although we set up camp way too late and had to make supper and the end of the day stuff by headlight which I don't like.  I run on mother nature time.  The suns comes up I get u p have breakfast and get going then have everything done like supper and such before sun goes down.  I let mother nature do the lighting for me.  Heading into Greenwood lake tomorrow for resupply.  Then  back on the trail.  Going to give up the 2 or 3 lbs camp stove, 30 oz. fuel bottle, cooking gear except for my spoon and just go with non-cooking food.  This is what I am going with for non-cooking food: pepperoni, summer sausage,flatbread,beef jerky,propel,combos,power bars, peanut butter,honey,chocolate,honey buns,spam singles,peanut butter cookies,coldcuts. I am running lean. What I have in my pack is: sleeping bag which is still heavy, tent,tent poles,tent stakes,pants,2 t-shirts,wallet,headlamp,which just needed a new battery to work again,multi-tool,2 bandanas,lighters,matches,magnesium strip,cheater fire starting sticks, iodine tablets,mini deck of cards,roll of duck tape,compass,pepto tablets,band-aids,needle/thread,some fishing line/tackle,deodorant,bottle of shampoo,pack repair kit,spoon,cup,3l bladder pack,camp shower,buttpaper,1/4" rope,ziploc bags,trash bag,sleeping pad,pillow. Of course food when I resupply tomorrow. Oh yeah and my pen/journal is still in my pack.  Went into greenwood lake today.  2 miles east of trail.  About 50 cars passed me and not a single one stopped and offered me a ride into town.  DAMN YANKEES. cvs/pharmacy was the only place in town to resupply so I got a few things just to get me to fort Montgomery to get some long term supplies.  Fort Montgomery is only 2-3 days away.  90 degrees out today.  They had 1.5 quart of Ice cream at cvs buy one get one free and sobe life water buy one get one free.  So I got two sobes one orange tangerine and the other Fuji apple pear the Fuji apple pear is pretty damn good.  As for the ice cream I got double fudge brownie and butter pecan gave the butter pecan one to a guy who lives in a camp in the woods outside of town.  Sat and bullshitted with him for awhile.  Ate the whole 125. quart of the other ice cream.  UG I felt that afterwards.  Some guy taking his bike off his car for a ride around the lake started talking to me about the trail.  Telling me you have the hardest part coming up. UG. Everywhere I go wait till you get to this part or that part blah blah blah blah.  Everyone seems to think their state is the hardest.  You get there and it is no different than what you have already done.  I asked the guy have you hiked the whole trail  He says no.  Then how can you say that is the hardest part.  It is the hardest part you did Mr. Section hiker cause that is the only part you did.  Time and time again I run into section and day hikers who think and talk like they have done the whole trail and always seem to be the expert and ones that talk the most about how hard this section or that section is.  Yeah that section may have been rough but you can't talk about it is the hardest when you've only done that section of the trail.  Yeah PA was rough on the feet and boots but as far as elevation it was pretty flat.  New Jersey was mostly marsh/swamps and millions of mosquitoes.  Every state has its thing as far as the hardest part I don't think any part is "harder" then another they all have their goods and bads.  Just like weekender who came into a shelter bragging about how he just did 10 miles that day. I just did 20 today and do another 20 tomorrow so SHUT UP.  Or the guy who was bragging I did 30 miles today and now I am going home.  yay for you.  30 miles and now your going home to sit on the couch.  I have done over 1,200 miles and still going so SHUT UP no one cares.  I am going to try not to run out of food this time.  But it is impossible to ration food out here.  I have had several people help me out with food but still I shouldn't eat all my supplies up so quick but hard to when your always seem to be hungry and burning so many calories.  Oh well it is what it is.  I got my pack weight down but I just replace it with food weight.  But food weight is different then stationary weight.  Food weight goes down while stationary weight stays the same.  So I got my stationary weight down to what I think is the lowest I can get.  The sleeping bag will be next if I find a snuggie or something a lot lighter in a hiker box or shelter somewhere.  Cause that sleeping bag is another 3 or 4 lbs of stationary weight I could lose.  It is a pain in the ass to pack as well. Other then the sleeping bag that is pretty much it.  Maybe I can pick up a lighter blanket at a local church or maybe even trade my sleeping bag for a light blanket at the salvation army or local church or clothing pantry.  That will make a big difference.  Then I can put my tent down there in the sleeping bag compartment with the blanket to take up the space.  Have to check out Fort Montgomery for a salvation army or clothing pantry or something.  I may even be able to trade one at goodwill you never know.  It is an idea.  I am always thinking always thinking. Since the ATC says Maine/New Hampshire are the hardest states "rolls his eyes" be nice to be as light as possible.  Then you have the people watch out for the bears in the smokies,  Didn't see or encounter a single bear.  What are you going to do about snakes.  Kill it and have it for supper.  Everywhere I go people are always talking "horror" stories about the trail and woods like it is some spooky place.  OMG it's a bear or EEEEK a snake.  Yet they live in the city and gunshots don't even phase them.  It is amazing how people are more scared of the woods and wildlife then the gang bangers and violence of these American cities.  When fact of the matter is with a little common sense the wildlife leaves you alone if you leave it alone and most times is more scared of you then you are of it.  Yep I can tell I was in New York today.  Some guy at a gas station was parked where there wasn't a parking spot and some lady chewed him out about it.  Then some lady was honking her horn for someone to hurry up and move their vehicle so she could use the gas pump and then of course she took up the whole side blocking both pumps.  You find that all over the country but NY seems to have the rep for rude people and assholes.  Then some dude came by and said just wanted to make sure someone was in the ten.  Like someone is going to setup a tent and just leave it.  Although someone did do that with that beer back when so anything is possible.  Holy fucking humidity today. New York=up down up down up down up down up down up down.  Rain into river rat again today.  Had and his trail companion seem to drive north then head south cause I keep running into them.  River rat gave me a snickers bar today. YAY.  Did I mention holy fucking humidity today.  My pack won't stay in place the sweat keeps making it slide down so all the weight is on my shoulders.  Trying to get to fort Montgomery today another 20 miles to go then into fort Montgomery tomorrow.  We will see what I get in this fucking humidity.  Hiked ten miles today and had to stop on account of rain.  Still twenty miles south of fort Montgomery.  But it was a fuck of a ten miles up down up down up down with an unbelievable humidity one where you just stand there and sweat.  But oh well it is what it is.  Just glad to be in PARADISE. Get up early and head down the trail some more all you can do.  Would have liked to do some more miles but you can't fight mother-in-law nature you just have to go with her.  At least I got the tent set up before it came down.  Isn't that wonderful wake up with a lake under my tent.  The tent floor is flooded GREEEEEEAAAATTTT. Still raining have to move tent put tyvek down. First move tent then try to wipe/dry floor out then put tyvek down and spread stuff out to "dry".  Joy Joy Joy.  The wonders of the outdoors.  AHHHH I'm LOVING IT.  My next adventure or audition will be swamp thing plenty of practice here.  So much for being a good tent.  It doesn't keep me dry anymore.  I have to rig it up to stay dry.  The rain fly leaks now.  I get splattered with rain when sitting on the inside.  The rain just soaks right through the rain fly now.  I have to add several sticks now to keep the rain fly away from the meshing and still get drips inside.  Hate to say it but have to call a spade a spade.  Every time it rains I am swimming now.  I got a leak somewhere I didn't fix or fixed as best I could and still leaks.  I mean the tent poles snapped on me three times.  The zipper on the vestibule doesn't work anymore.  The rain fly isn't waterproof anymore.  I have to put sticks all over to keep the rain fly from soaking through even then I get drips onto the mesh even when the rain fly is not touching the meshing.  Sit here and get splattered with mists of rain.  Now I have to carry a 100 lbs pack 75 of it is water weight now. Oh yeah and the outrageous humidity.  Oh well it is what it is. Just dry out when I can and try to stay as dry as possible all you can do. At least my journal is staying dry thanks to the miracles of Ziploc. Hopefully I took care of everything and stay dry now. This trip would be a lot better if I didn't have so many gear failures. I think 3/4 of my problems have been gear failures.  But I am rolling with it and fixing the problems and still heading to Maine.  I will get to Maine.  on the bright side I haven't needed any braces or anything for my body.  My body seems to be holding up better a lot better then my gear is.  Well let's see if the inside of this sleeping bag is still dry hope so.  Try to get some sleep.  LOVING THE DAYS AND CHALLENGES OF PARADISE.  20 mile day into Ft. Montgomery NY to find nothing there.  Just a little gas station.  Got some trail magic at the lake by bear mtn and trailside museum and zoo though.  Had brats,steak,pop.  They gave me the leftover steaks, brats to go which was like 5 pounds of raw meat. Then went further down the lake and got fed again by some picnickers.  The lake was full of people bbqing and having fun.  The second group of people that fed me was convinced I was a homeless guy playing the part of a hiker. I couldn't convince them otherwise so I let it go.  Setup camp at Hemlock Springs campsite.  Cooked up the steak and brats for breakfast before they spoiled. cooked them over a campfire and made a grill out of some greenwood and laid the meat right on top of the greenwood worked out great.  Ate my fill and saving the rest for supper or lunch.  I am hoping peekskill ny has a grocery store.  Otherwise I am heading to Stormville ny which is 25 trail miles from peekskill ny.  Just keep moving down the trail till we find something.  Someone left a blue foam sleeping pad at William Brien Memorial Shelter so I took that and left my Coleman max sleeping pad cause the blue foam is a lot lighter.  Well  I guess it is onward and upward.  I'm off like  dirty shirt. Got to the road that leads into peekskill ny today and where was an Appalachian market there which was nothing more then a  gas station without the pumps.  Just another short term supply place.  Sat down at picnic table outside and a trail maintainer strolled up and we got to talking and he gave me a ride to a grocery store for some long term supplies.  Then gave me a ride back to the trail.  I went way too heavy on the resupply this time but then again I haven't ran across much other then gas stations and other short term supply places for awhile now looks like that trend may continue I am  not going to spend $20 -$30 every fucking gas station or short term resupply my name isn't bill fucking gates.  So I am just stuck carrying the weight.  At least a lot of it is food weight and water weight that will go down as the days go on and not stay the same that is a good thing.  Ran into moon doggie again at the Appalachian market.  He must have came in while I was at the grocery store.  Passed him somewhere on the trail the last day or so cause he was in front of me.  But just think of the people back in the 60's and 70's before all this lightweight gear was available carrying around iron pots and skillets and canned food cause that was all there was and they did it and you can too.  Didn't do much for mileage today only 10 miles.  Eh no big deal.  Got a late start cooking that meat this morning then the resupply at the grocery store plus the new pack weight plus I was running with moon doggie again today and decided to camp where he did.  I will get an early start today and see where I get.  Looking for 15 miles lunch then another 15 miles but it never seems to work that way especially with my boots wore the fuck out thanks to pa.  But it is what it is.  At least I am living the life.  I am as free as a bird.  No boss, no landlord, no noisy nosy neighbors, no set schedules, just me mother-in-law mature and father time.  It doesn't get any better then this.  Well I got an early start but ended up at RPH shelter which was 13-15 miles.  They had leftovers from the trail magic over the weekend. I had the last bbq chicken and two ice cold diet cokes and some luna nutrition bars.  There was a whole box of luna nutrition bars there. So I loaded up my pack with a bunch of them now my pack is insanely heavy again.  So much for the miles today but 13-15 miles is still good.  Like I said before always getting sidetracked when I want to get some miles in. Oh well I just can't pass up the treats and goodies and then afterwards get back on the trail.  I just loose interest in hiking after a full belly and lounging around for awhile.  But it is a voluntary hike though.  We will just hang out and try again tomorrow.  Boy what a rough life this is :) :) :) :).  There are some steaks leftover as well if no one claims them I may have one for supper save my food.  I would like too and trying to catch up to the other like Aaron, big country,sabretooth,lost and found but got to stop for the goodies though just can't resist the goodies then head down the trail afterwards especially when it is at a shelter.  If it is just on the side of the trail with no place to camp or anything then of  course I have no choice.  Damn those are some hard decisions to continue on hiking a few more miles or call it a day and be lazy and bullshit with other hikers hmmmmm.  Oh yeah made me some insoles for my boots out of the blue foam pad I got.  Actually made two insoles per boot that gave me a little more cushion over all these rocks and gravel.  Didn't get much sleep last night.  Slept in RPH shelter but it was too hot to sleep in sleeping bag and the mosquitos,gnats,no seeums were driving me crazy when I would lay there with nothing over the top of me.  But it was suppose to thunderstorm last night and didn't want another episode of the last time.  Cut my sleeping bag in half and sewed up the open half.  That was 2 pounds of stationary weight I don't have to carry anymore.  Now I just have a 2 pound blanket essentially.  But with the weather and season that it is that is all I need.  Also sewed up the bottom of my boots with some shoelaces I found at rph shelter  That helped out a lot.  Now they are just like a pair of boots with half worn out tread.  I went nice miles on them today and they are still holding up.  Surprisingly since the AT is mostly coarse rough sharp rocks which is why I had to sew them up to begin with.  They are calling for some thunderstorms today but it doesn’t look like it is happening.  But maybe I just wrote too soon.  No thunderstorms last night.  Trail magic about 1/2 mile north of rph shelter.  Cooler full of cokes,peaches,rice krispie treats.  Drank a coke and took one for the trail and had a peach and rice krispie treat.  Taking a break here at Morgan Stewart shelter rest my feet a little and enjoy this coke. sign on side of shelter says 734 miles to Katahdin.  right now I am essentially just carrying food,water,shelter,blanket for warmth, pillow for comfort and padding for waist belt, then some misc stuff.  I would say my food and water is 90% of my pack weight now and that goes down as the day/days go on unlike gear weight.  Which I seem to find new ways to reduce :) :) :) :) :).  7 1/2 miles to the next shelter which will bring me to 17 miles for the day.  May do more depending on what happens when I get there and how late it is. 

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