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Lost the trail on Dragons tooth went 1/4 mile straight down mtn no white blazes so climbed back up oh did I tell you it started raining as well so now everything is slick.  Found the trail again yeah it went down a sheer rock cliff.  They had a few foot steps on the side of some rocks. I came close to visiting Valhalla today as well.  I took a tumble down the cliffs.  Wish they would have said something about rock climbing gear. Cause that just stupid climbing down a sheer cliff in the rain with a loaded pack and no climbing gear.  Surprised I didn't break something or get severely injured.  I am definitely going to put some rock climbing gear in my pack next trip.  That was just plain stupid.  It was not crazy, not insane, just stupid climbing down dragons tooth with no hooks or anything in the rain.  Did I mention how stupid that was?  Set up camp in the rain. It was a FUNDAY IN PARADISE.  I have my sleeping pad, sleeping bag, tent on the outside front of my pack and when I went down the cliff I fell backwards onto my pack which I am sure saved me a lot of injury.  Up down Up down Danielson.  I felt like the Karate Kid today.  Set up camp at Pig Farm campsite before another storm came in.  There was nobody at the campsite. I went down to the water source which was 1/2 mile from the campsite to get water and found 5 Milwaukee’s beast ice sitting in the creek.   I didn't see a soul around wondered why someone would leave 5 full beers and just leave,  so I took them back to camp and got drunk.  YAY for me.  It rained again last night.  Everything has been in a constant state of wetness for the past 4 days and they are calling for another 4 days of rain. My clothes are soaked with no chance to dry out with the rain.  When it is not raining they are soaked with sweat cause of the high humidity in the jungle/woods cause of the rain makes everything muggy.  My other tent pole snapped on my last night setting up outside Daleville VA.  Good thing I got that rent repair kit.  The other pole snapped on me as well just outside of Pearisburg VA had to fix it now I have to fix the other one.  The zipper on my vestibule went out as well.  All the rain and dirt and crap did that one in.  But in these conditions setting up and tearing down everyday especially packing a wet tent a lot tends to wear on it.  Such is life.  I got into Daleville at 7pm according to the bank sign.  It was a 21 mile day today.  I resupplied at grocery store because there was no DG :( :( :(.  My right shin was on fire on my hike/climb into Daleville.  But I think that is from walking along the side of mtns.  The trail is flatten out some so it is walk able but still goes at a slant.  Sprained my finger as well took a spill in the mud on a down hill outside of Daleville freshly resupplied pack of course. Stopped at fullhardts knob shelter and fixed my tent pole.  I did a quick fix on it last night just to get me through the night.  But a bad day in PARADISE is better then a good day at work.  Wonder what PARADISE will bring me today.  They have a rain harvesting system at fullhardt shelter which is sensible since it sits on top of a mtn.  It started raining minutes after I got there.  Gipsie Girl came by about 45 minutes later. It stopped raining and I set up a clothes line and hung my wet clothes out to dry.  It rained one more time a down pour for about 15 minutes then quit the rest of the day.  I spent the night at Fullhardt knob shelter bullshitting with other hikers.  I taught another hiker how to start a fire and the physics of fire making especially in wet weather. It seems the worst weather and conditions are where you want the fire the most.  I woke up and my clothes were still wet.  Looks like I'm hiking in my last set of dry clothes, which is my pants and long sleeve shirt and wet socks.  Rain expected the next three days then suppose to clear up.  Oh the wonderful days in PARADISE.  It didn't rain today sprinkled a little here and there but sunny most of the afternoon.  Fucking down 4100' to war spur shelter. Shin felt fine till I took a lunch break at Wilson Creek Shelter then it was all downhill for the shin.  Apparently on my pill on dragons tooth and on the trail where I took a spill in the mud I bruised the front muscle of my shin.  Made it to Babblets Gap Shelter and called it a day.  I am going to take a zero tomorrow to let my shin rest.  Hopefully be up and climbing/hiking again.  Read in the shelter log that Wild Rain is thinking about slowing down that will make a lot of guys happy that is for sure.  Weather:  They are saying rain next five days.  We will see.  Good day to take a zero. It was raining most of the day today.  But rain or no rain I am heading back on trail tomorrow.  Did a 14 miles day to Bryant Ridge Shelter shin feeling a little better can walk in stride now.  14 miles is good enough on a bum shin.  Been falling behind everyone since Damascus but everyone has their pace Hike Your Own Hike they say.  Everyday is a climb.  Made it 700 plus miles so far :) :) :).  Just doing my thing and trying not to injure myself to the point where I can no longer climb/hike the trail.  I am hoping my shin gets better just like my hip did.  I am sleeping in shelter tonight just not up to setting up the tent.  Normally I set up the tent but Bryant Ridge Shelter is such a nice big shelter. A lot of people are not even stopping at shelters that are not right on the trail anymore.   ROCKS that is it for that day ROCKS.  I had a double lunch today at Matt's Creek Shelter today.  Then I got a ride into Glasgow.  I resupplied at DG :) :) :) :).  Got a ride back to trail from same couple that gave me a ride into town.  I spent the night at John's Hollow Shelter.  I met some more Germans.  Been two days no rain hoping all this rain is done for awhile.  Hung my clothes up last night to dry and then hung them up again tonight to continue to dry.  She goes down she goes down down downtown all night long. I had a long downhill climb to Matt's Creek Shelter.  That song gets stuck in my head on the long downs.  I got back on pace with a 16 mile day.  I slowed down cause of all the rain.  Now I am fully stocked and hopefully clear skies ahead I can continue my pace.  We will just have to wait and see. Goodnight from PARADISE.  Life is Good.  It was a 2,500' climb up in a couple of miles.  That will get you warmed up and blood pumping in the morning.  After 14 miles and a ton of climbing the last 4 miles was downhill setup camp next to Little Irish Creek for the night.  It looked like it was going to be a beautiful day.  Came across Pedlar Lake and decided I am going to setup camp and go swimming today the sun is shinning and I am doing too much hiking/climbing and not enjoying the woods as much as I was at first.  So I set up camp and as soon as I got done setting up camp wouldn't you know it THOR ruined my plans and starts raining on me? Oh well I got supplies I can wait to go swimming when the rain stops or tomorrow.  I have a mini deck of cards I can play if it rains all day.  But I am going swimming in this lake and relax and have fun instead of just climbing/hiking day in and day out.  It is time to stop and enjoy the little things and stop with this damn miles/schedule crap.  I came out here to enjoy myself not see how many miles I can get in.  It was never suppose to be about the miles/schedules.  I lost sight of why I came out here to begin with because everyone seems to be miles/schedules.  Sure they want to finish the trail before they run out of money.  But me I am here to enjoy it if I get to Maine I get there if I don't I don't.  It has been too many miles and not enough enjoyment.  Why they didn't put a shelter next to this lake I don't know it would be a great spot for hikers to relax and to take a swim and have fun.  That is what I am going to do after this rain passes.  The only lasted about a half hour then the sun came out and I went swimming in the lake YAY YAY.  Although it would be a lot more fun and enjoyable if there was someone else here.  It is a lot more fun and enjoyable when you have someone to enjoy it with.  I always shake my head and roll my eyes when I hear I can't get a fire going the wood is too wet.  I guess because I can get a fire going in any condition I suppose.  But not surprising that most hikers don't seem to have any wilderness skills at all and most can't even get a fire going unless the wood is boned dry and still sometimes have trouble without resorting to alcohol or some other way of doing it like fire sticks or something.  It was a 21 mile day into Seeley-Woodworth shelter today.  I didn't plan this 21 mile day just ended up that way.  Had that 80's ballad stuck in my head today "Can you take me higher"? No more going 1/2 mile off the trail for a shelter just to have lunch.  Some of the elevations for today are:  US 60-2,065'-mile170.4,Bald Knob-4,059'-mile 173.2,Cow Camp Gap-1/2 mile off trail-3428'-mile174.2,Cold Mtn-4,022'-mile175.4,Hog Camp Gap-3485'-mile 176.7. Some of tomorrows elevations Fish Hatchery Road-3454'-mile-186.7,Main Top Mtn-4040'-mile 187.5, Cash Hollow Road-3280'-mile189.6,The Priest-4063'-mile191.8,Tye River-970'-mile196.1. About 3 days to Shenandoah National Park.  I am hoping for a bunch of trail magic in the park been short on that lately. But it can't be expected it is just something that happens like magic.  Keep hearing about another guy using the name tree beard.  Every time people tell me now you look like tree beard.  The "Imposter" doesn't wear real tree clothing or any "tree" type clothing has a little scruff of a goatee from what I am getting he doesn't fit the name at all.  The general rule in trail names is there has to be a story behind it or it is just plain obvious like me I am dressed in all real tree and have one hellacious beard.  After this adventure I plan on getting everything RT again I believe they sell RT material at Wal-Mart.  If so I will get some and find someone who sews and have them cover my tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad and bags they come in all RT material.  That way people will know why I am called tree beard of course get another RT External frame pack.  Plus I won't be such an eyesore on the trail if you’re going to have a trail name you have to fit it.  I did a short 12 mile day today.  Get a chance to relax at the end of the day and eat and such.  Found a nice campsite next to Tye River.  Leaving the rain fly off tonight hope it doesn't rain.  Harpers Creek Shelter is 3 miles up from the road and probably no one there anyway.  Seem to be in a hiker bubble in between packs of hikers.  There were only 3 hikers plus me at Seele-Woodworth Shelter last night.  Beside that I got in too late to chat/bullshit anyway and they were all in their tents due to the biting flies being out of control in the area.  Shelter is not as full if full or even half full these days unlike GA.  But with people dropping out or going more miles then me it is to be expected.  Except for when you get the weekenders or section hikers.  Looks like it is going to rain at least it will if I don't put the rain fly on that is. Gods why do you toy with me??  Of course it won't rain not that I am ready for it.  Isn't that how it works?  Nope it didn't rain last night figures.  I took the Mau Har trail instead of the AT to Maupin Field Shelter. Waterfalls and swimming holes seemed more appealing then more mtn. rocks.  My lunch got away from me.  Had this nice size snake pinned on the ground with a stick behind its head bent down to cut its head off and the stick snaps and the snake crawls under the rocks.  Well GOD DAMN IT.  First snake I saw that was worth cooking too.  Oh well it is that time of year I am sure to find some more and more game along the trail.  Start fishing and maybe trade them for other food since I am not a big fan of fish. Mainly clear skies this late afternoon.  Take a chance and keep the rain fly off again, unless it starts to downpour. I spent the night at Dripping Rock.  There are only 20 more miles to Waynesboro, and only 15 to Shenandoah. Maybe I will get some trail magic from the tourists in the park one can hope.  Just when you think everyone is ahead of you people pass by after you call it a day.  Sabretooth and the guys who I haven't seen since Damascus came by and woke me up from my nap.  I thought they were days ahead of me.  And it was a good nap too damn them :) :) :) :).  Missed another snake today got to quite daydreaming and pay more attention.    Up/Down/Around/Over up/down/around/over up/down/around/over up/down/around/over up/down/around/over.  That hot blonde that I left at Fontana Hilton caught up to me at Paul C. Wolfe shelter.  We talked bullshitted was nice to see her again.  I got a ride into Waynesboro to resupply at DG.  Then I got a ride back to the trail.  Memorial Day weekend here in Shenandoah.  I got two beers from a young couple in parking lot and a beer for the trail.  Made it to Calf Mtn. Shelter and had supper before it started raining.  Sat on second floor of shelter and enjoyed my beer. Probably be a shelter rat hare just like in the smokies unless the shelter is full then I have to tent.  It is nice not having to find a spot and setup/teardown a tent.  But still prefer my tent over the shelters though.  Plus I get to sleep next to that hot blonde as well.  So that is a plus side to sleeping in the shelter.  It was a 13 mile day today.  Humid and 12 mile stretch of no water. There is plenty of water from here to the end of the park though :) :) :).  They have these rock posts with metal rings around them that have directions embossed on them but you have to look closely too see that they are signs.  Climbed 100 yards from the top of Black rock mtn.  Which is a 3100' looking for sign for Black rock Hut.  Leaning against a rock post to take a breather and saw the rock posts were signs and it said Black rock Hut was 1/2 mile behind me. FUCK!!!! I won't make that mistake again.  I am going to keep the miles to 15 or less.  20's only to resupply.  15 gives me enough time to set up camp, eat, BS, relax etc.  Fucking kids burned my walking sticks, didn’t notice till the next morning when I went to grab them and they were gone.  So I made new ones.  There was trail magic at Loft Mtn campground today.  I had 2 hotdogs/hamburger, chips, pop, cookies etc.  And 2 12 oz cokes for the trail. I also got 30 oz of Coleman fuel as well.  Then it was onto Pine field Hut where I spent the night with roadrunner and snickers. $1 for a 5 minute shower here in the park.  I should have just waited to hit the next lake or river.  Only 8 mile day today.  The next shelter is closed die to a naughty bear.  A bear tore up mooseheads tent at Bear fence Hut.  Spent the night at Hightop Hut.  Can you take me higher It's never over yesterday was just a memory of climbing I was running from the mtns I wasn't looking for anymore.  Bear fence was still closed today so I got to set up camp at Lewis Mtn campground and didn't have to pay the $15 camping fee :) :) :).  The biting flies are out of control here.  Maybe cause I am soaked to the bone in sweat from hiking.  As soon as I stop at campground to setup they swarm me. I set up my tent up no rain fly in like 30 seconds threw everything in it and jumped in and closed the door ASAP and killed what got in.  I have well I quite counting at 20 biting flies swarming around the outside of my tent.  Another 12 mile day tomorrow.  Got to Rock Spring Hut today and found a goldmine.  Issue of June Maxim, practically full 14.5 oz bag of David sunflower seeds 4 packets of oatmeal, pair of flip flops which I turned into insoles to replace the tire ones.  A lot more comfortable.  Bandanna, full bottle of sunscreen 85 spf, new journal book not the shelters register or journal, lighter.  I find all kinds of stuff people leave in huts/shelters.  Matches/lighters,food,clothes,books, mags etc.  A guy at Hightop Hut left a towel.  Talked to a hot female park ranger toady said it was still a couple of weeks early on the wild blueberries. I was hoping for a snack today too.  Maybe I will get lucky and find an apple tree or something it could happen.  Spent the night at Byrds nest #3 picnic shelter.  Had a deer grazing right in front of the shelter.  17 miles to Gravel Springs Hut today.  Caught up to Sabretooth and the guys and gave me a beer.  Nobody wants my sunflower seeds I can't give them away.  Then this chic shows up with beer and pizza.  Had a slice of pizza and a couple of beers.  Once again I get people saying you must be tree beard I have heard about you.  Then they all toasted to tree beard.  Getting quite the rep here on the trail.  All I need to do now is catch some game and cook it up at a shelter :) :) :).  That would really add to my rep :) :) :).  The time will come there is plenty of game out there to hunt.  Hell of a party here tonight.  Good times with great people.  Times like these makes it all worthwhile.  This trip is so worth the effort still have another half of the trail to go.  A short ten mile outside the park and to Tom Floyd Wayside Shelter.  Go into Front Royal to resupply.  Hope they have a DG :) :) :).  Spending the night here at the shelter then into Front Royal in the morning.  Hit some trail magic on the way into Front Royal had a cooler sitter there with ice cold sodas and packages of ramen noodles.  Then I got a ride into Front Royal.  Spent a few days in Front Royal seeing the Confederate sites and such.  Had some more trail magic in town this old lady took me to Wal-Mart and bought me a new pair of hiking boots.  Then I donated my winter jacket and stocking cap to the salvation army since I won't be needing one till probably October and I will be done with the trail by then and don't need to carry the now useless weight. FINALLY got my sleeping bag in the sleeping bag compartment on my pack.  YAY YAY.  Had to cram the fuck out of it but it finally fit.  was 97 degrees to 100 degrees the few says I was in Front Royal yeah I am not climbing any mtns in that weather.  Decided to head out today resupplied at the Food Lion.  There was a DG but I didn't want to wait around for it to open.  I know I know the DG is fucking awesome but it meant me waiting 3 hours for it to open and there was a 50 percent chance of thunderstorms.  That's still no excuse where's your loyalty damn it.  Got a ride back to the trail.  The high for today I believe was 93 degrees.  I t didn't rain but I was still soaked in sweat.  93 degrees and I am climbing mtns. with a 50 lb fully stocked pack.  Am I out of my fucking mind?  Had to stop at the top of everyone to catch my breath and relax cause I was way way way way overheated almost passed out on a few occasions.  Then ran into more trail magic.  Meatball subs, turkey sandwiches, blue yes naturally blue potato chips so the package said.  Although I think papa smurf had a hand in the growing process though.  Potato salad macaroni salad chips dips sodas etc.  I had a turkey sandwich large one with tomatoes ranch dressing and cheese.  some macaroni salad potato salad homemade brownies chips dips coke.  Then made it to Manassas Gap Shelter and called it a day.  Only 10 mile day but I couldn't do more then a mile or mile and a half without having to stop and rest so I wouldn't get heat stroke or exhaustion.  Cause one I am not trying to kill myself.  Two I have no schedule other then the hard date of October 15.  They won't let you climb Katahdin after that.  So what if I only did ten miles there is no set amount of miles you have to do.  Don't forget that this is a voluntary hike no one is forcing me to do this and no one is going to come along and say you have to keep moving or anything.  It is complete and total freedom out here.  Get up when you want hike whatever miles you want go to bed when you want.  I am taking my old boots that got me over 900 miles to Harpers Ferry maybe they have a display for used hiking boots.  If anything I am going to show them to the ATC when I register and get my picture taken for credit for what I have hiked so far.  If anything I will just throw them away when I leave Harpers Ferry.  I completely walked a hole in the bottom of them clear through.  I am hoping the new pair will get me to Maine if pa doesn't take them out first.  Came across a new test snickers bar in front royal as well called snickers charged with caffeine and ginseng added.  They had them on sale for 3 for a dollar so I bought a box of 72 count for $18.  8 lbs. of snickers yeah that is a little heavy lol lol.  60% chance of rain thunderstorms tomorrow.  Took a break at Dicks' Dome Shelter today.  Was a little cooler today then yesterday but not by much.  Took a break at Sky Meadows State park side trail to watch a group from Texas to Maine performing "Christmas Carol" play.  Then both my pack straps broke on me just north of Ashby Gap and 3.5 miles south of Rod Hollow Shelter.  Then of course it started to Thunder and rain.  So I had to quick fix them one with a needle and the other with a safety pin and double-time it 3.5 miles to Rod Hollow Shelter.  It rained a little bit but wasn't too bad.  I was surprised me quick fix held up for the 3.5 miles especially being a full pack which is why they broke obviously.  Must have been all those snickers lol lol lol.  Got to Rod Hollow Shelter setup camp and sewed my shoulder straps back on.

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