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perfectlyinked's blog: "confessions"

created on 11/10/2008  |  http://fubar.com/confessions/b258518  |  1 followers
this one is a smidge more personal, but i get sort of fed up with some things. it's also a smidge pervy, but what more can you expect from me? I'm a pretty busy girl. I work full time at a pharmacy. I commute 45 miles to get there which doesn't include the extra miles it takes to get my kid to daycare. Basically, I'm gone from home from 8 each morning until almost 8 each night, 4 days a week. I also atend school full time working on my degree in forensic psychology...not to mention, I have a child, pets, a house and yard, plus I write and work with death row offenders. Busy schedule. With all that, plus my recent divorce, I really don't have the time or room or desire for a serious relationship. I like doing my own thing and not having anyone bitch at me about what I'm doing or whining that i'm not spending enough time with them or fussing because i don't sleep enough. I'm grown...let me handle my own. What i would really like most...what i asked santa for even...is someone who doesn't mind taking me out to dinner or a movie or a play or ufc or to their house to watch mystery science theater and play video games, but who also doesn't mind screwing my brains out afterward. It's the combination that is key here....not just taking me out or just screwing my brains out. It's the combo...like a one, two punch. Maybe even a call or text every now and again to say hey...still alive? want to go out this weekend? Intelligent conversation is a must...as is humor. It isn't a complicated list, I don't think. Let's see we have: food drink entertainment convo laughs sex more sex sex laughs sleep no love It didn't think it would be that hard to find. But....it is. I've tried. Every time it turns sour. Either someone needs to be loved or I'm putting out the wrong scent or I'm just lovable. I dunno. Maybe I really am asking too much of one person. entertain me+fuck me-love=impossible? meh...still taking applications for a poolboy/pillow fluffer.
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