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This person I will never forget.I chose this poem for Peacey because I thirst for his knowledge and admire his loving soul. He loves without boundries and gives to those in need. He is so far the only one who understands the things I see when I look into the sky.


The Selfless Servant


The selfless Servant remembers

The challenges along the way,

But meets each Sun with wonder,

The pleasure of greeting the day.

The joy that fuels the selfless heart

Is in seeing the changes that come

To every weary traveler who hears

The heart song of Earth Mothers drum.

Affecting the lives of those in need,

With a smile or a helping hand,

Brings unseen rewards to the heart

That the selfish don't understand.

Returning to others a percentage

of the abundance that we have known

Is the sacred wisdom of sharing,

A gift of the seeds we have sown,

Where do we find these servants,

Who choose to selfishly give?

They stand with Wisdom Keeper,

Having remembered,

that to give is to live!

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