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Mike Jones and Lady Day of Art Is Life Tattoo And Gallery Est.in 2007Has been A growing following. Supported By The Flatbush,Brooklyn UrbanCommunity and now Spreading to the World from The U.S.Navy and Army,and Celeberties!Being A Icon In A Ruff World Of East 19th street in Flatbush,Brooklyn,Mike Jones Talent brought Hope To the Youth and Being Positive withA mentor Feel From where All People Can relate to Art.Being Able toopen Pad locked minds and let minds breath with Artful impressions,as they come in for something they carry for the rest of there lives!When you have a Session Here at Art Is Life with Artist Mike Jonesand Wife/Piercer/Co-owner/Assonant..ect..Are A combination Of Many proportions also very Creatively Skillful!The rock star Artist Blend of them has them All the way To the TOPof the Art Industry!!Well having roots as deep as going back to 1999 as "Illustrator"The young Artist Ran with the music Group UMC's "Throwback Hits"and Fantom of the Beat in currently in the music industry HardPlatinum Producer Of the 50cent and Lil'Kim Banger " Magic Stick"!Also produced crazy beats for Busta Rymes ,Ghostface killa and Many More!Mike Jones And Lady Day are A Power couple They Use the Network skillsAs A key to open Way for Where theres Positive opportunities to AdvanceArt Is Life In Minds And Live of Others ,Everything we look at is artto The cloths,music what we ware to the the cars we drive.Art is Everywhereand Being...More alert of art will benefit your self expression example like having a petit's therapeutic and puts you in a better mood over all .Art Is Life Represents better ways to express yourself and ways to express toothers.We are all artist we all can be creative!!Art Is Life Is Not Just Tattoos And Paintings,Its a way of Being You!All Of Are "ArtIsLifers"(has Ink by Art Is Life:) Are our Family !!!!And Also Investors are A growing Word Of mouth Advertising And ModelsOf The creations Of Art Is Life..His Intense Wave of strokes from A Ball Point pen Is in a realm initself .. And The Chemistry of the dimensional Auras of His Creations has Uniqueway of reaching and Surfacing A Layer you never thought you could fathomYou had..or Shy to bring out lol..Mike Jones artist Is Like No Other!!Rated Top Tattoo Artist In New York and growing as a Industry Fast!!   Keep up with Art Is Life ,Life In The New GenerationGoogle Art Is Life Tattoo Mike Jones and Lady Day 

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