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sh*t faced! by 
Female 79
Murfreesboro, TN
 All those here for a "whats in it for me"..leave on your own or you being thrown out and blocked..done w/all horndogs, egomaniacs, & if you have not read my resent status about my health, I have MS, I also take care of my elderly parents, & have a fam member with schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder, & a 4 yr old grandson who goes to Shriners hospitals for Limb Deficiencies...My hands and my stress is constant..I am on FU to have fun and REST! If you Bomb me, I will rate and like your pics, BUT I WILL DO IT ON MY TIME!! NOT WHEN ANYONE EXPECTS ME TO! IF that's NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU..please Block me from your bling polishing so that I may then just BLOCK YOUR ARS's.. I'm tired of fckrs that think because they bomb you or they let you polish that you must bow down to them on their terms..screw each of you that feels this way. I'm here for REAL PEOPLE , REAL FRIENDSHIPS, and fu fun.. & if you haven't guessed ..yes another new friend was just an egomaniac that just pissed me off. lol... akita mani yo
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