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I normally dont blog about things like this but this really bothered me this morning. 


Ok so I left the person who hurt me very badly 4years ago. And the reason I left, the abuse and the cheating. How I found out he was cheating from my son who was 7 at the time. When we left everything was left behind so we started new. We moved 200 miles from that rotten little town.  So the woman he was cheating on me with.. Low and behold I look in my "Who's checking me out" box.. and there she is. And on top of my screen I see a message  "ha ha I have your house".    This dirty little home wrecker.  So I blocked her and then had to swamp my settings so I dont have her allow her friends to message me.  I just dont get how some people can be gold diggers and ruin other's lives. I dont care about the house or the physical items. I have a better life. What I care about was how my 7 year old seen things. Including her fat hairy dairyer because she has that hairy disease.  So that kinda torked my ass this morning that she sought me out just to see if I was online to say it..  Well have at it sweetie because once a cheater always a cheater. 


tell me cheater cheater where did you find that no good white trash hoe.... 



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