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carolinachick2008's blog: "April Fools"

created on 04/01/2008  |  http://fubar.com/april-fools/b203315
Hey everyone. Today is April Fools and I'm back to work. Well, I got back yesterday, and it sucks, after being off for almost a week. The vacation was wonderful though. I slept over half of the time, finally got caught up. Well, I went to the doctor yesterday, and he said I need to have surgery on my hand. He is going to go in and take out all the metal and work with the scar to see if I can get my range of motion back. I'm tired of not being able to ball a fist when I want to punch someone out. Just kidding. The lady at the doctor's office is going to call me today to set up the surgery. Anywho, on to the purpose of this blog. Like I said, today is April Fools, and I always love a good prank. I can't really do any, because today I just can't seem to think of any. I heard a cute one on the radio this morning. Go into work early, before everyone gets there, and take the little ball out of their mouse. Then, when they get to work and try to work their computers, they will freak out, because their mouse won't work. Some people won't think to check the ball. It could be funny. Anywho, write me back with some ideas. Maybe I can try one of them.
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