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WE all know how cruel this world can be. Dspite all the beautiful things and concerts we get to attend and music we listen to theres also ass holes! lol About a month ago, I met this gentleman ( i thought) lol and we were slowly just communicating. After a while of talking quite frequently, he offered to take me out on a date. I told him I wassent looking for a realationship however i would love to get to know you as a friend first. So I went and saw a movie with him. We saw Ghost Rider with Nicolas Cage, great actor. After the movie was over he was just saying how he would feel pretty much honered to go on a second date with me. I had no reason not to as well. So a week goes by and hes been cold to me and weird. I have no clue why i know i did nothing wrong however not knowing caused my cobwebbed brain to wonder quite a bit. So days go by and I get nothing from him, so i kept beating myself up wondering what i did wrong to scare him the way it seems i did. Last night he messages me on messanger out of the blue. Sayin i got his myspace hacked. * someone hacked mine and erased all my crap the other day* I posted a bulliton to stay away from it. So then i asked him so the only reason you spoke to me cause you interperted that i got you hacked, for a minute i thought you spoke to me cause you wanted too. So then i started to feel balzy cause i consider myself a sweetheart. I try not to be mean to anyone, and try to be extreamly polite as possible. However, dont i have the right to know what i apperantly did wrong? So i asked very politly of course then he started getting rude. First off he needs to learn how to be mature about things cause i didnt speak to him ever in a rude or prude manner. He keeps beating around the bush making it all harder then what it really is so finally i said exactly how i felt and i got something out of him. I cant believe what he said. lol He was saying the reason why he didnt want to see or talk to me anymore was cause i reminded him of his mother. ( wich is a koke head and an ex haroin addict who used to pick the shit out of her neck. First off i dont do any drugs, i dont even smoke pot, i used to back in the day lol however i dont. My tattoo has very little to do with that. (thats a different story tho) Then he mentioned that he was just going to tell me when i finally bothered him enough that hes gay. First off that wouldnt have bothered me cause theres nothing wrong with gays and i was only looking for friendship. So pretty much after all the cruel words he said to me he ends the convo say something like GOOD BYE AMBER RAE ______ ( MY LAST NAME) SORRY THAT I PUT ANOTHER HOLE IN YOUR ACNE FULFILLED HEART! and called me some rude name. There for i could care less, thats another reason why i have very little actual friends, and especially with immaturity like that. And what bothers me the most is that he left me hanging for a month. Thats rude in my opinion, Ohh well i dont need to belittle my self down to his level,thats his loss right? Not my fault he cant handle all the rocker that rushes through my brain. Now I am going to take my aggression out on head bangen he he he.
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