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I just had a close family member die, he was walking to the package store and was hit by a drunk driver. He was hit so hard he went through the windshield.

It is depressing that someone has to die like that because we all live in a sick world. I don't know if anyone else has noticed but shit seems to be getting worse out here. And i am trying to be happy and think about the fucking future, but I am scared shitless right now.

Hearing the things that are on the news now and everyday is very shocking. This much wasnt happening when I was a little girl. The world seemed a lot safer a long time ago than what it is now.

I wonder if it is going to continue getting worse or is it gonna get better. But as far as I am concerned...I am tired of this life...i am not saying that i wanna end it all, but i am very close.

There has been a lot of crazy shit going on.

All i want is to walk down the street without guys trying to get in my pants. Just because I am a latina doesn't mean that all i think about is sex. Lo siento mi amores. Quiero la pasion y el romance. Not a quicky behind a dumpster. 

Yo se, estoy muy sexy. But give me a break. It seems that all I attract is creeps y putos. Ay dios mio, give me a break.

And then you have the guys that assume that I don't speak english, and they say these things that make me wanna beat them like pinatas.  Then I have guys that are old enough to be mi padre trying to get my phone number.

I try to be nice but i would rather shoot myself in the face then let any one of these burros touch me. Am I wrong? I am not that desperate.

Passed outMe Crazy? I should get off this Unicorn and slap you!
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