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ok where do i start grrrrrrrr.... well to start with we have found out that fubar well it was cherrytap at the time have blocked the optus server as someone from Australia caused alot of problems for the site... the only problem is that half our country uses that server thus the rest of us are having problems even getting to the site to sign up it actually took me 3wks to sign up on this site and ive had problems since... i have to sit and turn my modem off and on till i get an ip address that gets through the server blocking and that can take hours even days... i have sent many emails to the site about it spoken to them in the support lounge, even private messaged bouncers that are ment to know about it and recieved nothing back... i have many friends that ive invited that can not get to the site at all... there is also another member that hasnt been able to get on in 2wks he changed his net speed which then put him on the optus server (the one thats blocked) and now hes not been able to get back on the site, ive sat for hours at his house doing the modem thing as hes not got the patience to do so and ive got nowhere.... they tell me there working on it but ffs... how long does it take to unblock a server... or is it that there not even trying????? seriously dont they realise that by blocking a server that its not just that person they are blocking its half a country we have 2 net servers telstra and optus all the small internet providers uses either of the two so you can imagine how many ppl in this country cant get to fubar.... if anyone actually knows what is going on with this please comment as my friend keeps asking me to delete his account as he feels hes never going to get back on and im getting tired of resetting my modem everytime i get an ip address that the fubar server doesnt like
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